From the file of “Oh, that’ll work!   NOT!”:

Chicago (Sun-Times*) – Hundreds of gang members will be invited to a summit in Chicago in an attempt to broker peace in the bloodiest neighborhoods — 20 years after “gang summits” here and in other states drew national attention, organizers said Wednesday.

The Rev. Gregory Tatum, a California pastor with Chicago roots, said he hopes the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton will attend the Sept. 27-28 summit. Jackson spoke at a gang summit two decades ago in Chicago, delivering a message to gang members that they were the “new frontier of the civil rights struggle.”

* Note:  We’re no longer linking to the Sun-Times because of their paywall.  We’re done driving traffic to their website.

And guess who’s involved in this tomfoolery?

None other than Mr. Domestic Violence himself, Mr. Tio Hardiman!

Tio Hardiman in the hoosegow after his arrest for beating the snot out of his wife earlier this year.

Yes, the former director of the CeaseFire so-called “anti-violence” group.

Imagine that: the DIRECTOR of an “anti-violence” group with a criminal conviction for domestic violence.  What a fine group, right?

Second City Cop’s take?

You know why al-Qaeda never has a seat at the table when negotiating peace? Because to do so would grant them legitimacy. And the last thing you want for any organization that deserves wholesale destruction, is to grant them any standing whatsoever in the process. Efforts like these always fail – or gives undesired results where the gangs actually gain some foothold that can be exploited by them.

Our take:

We agree that Jesse the Shakedown Artist Jackson and Al Race Baiter Sharpton will never show up unless there’s cash and a plethora of cameras around.  And that’s just it.

This isn’t about solving gang violence.  This is about camera time for do-gooders and ivory-tower leftists who can’t understand why we can’t all just get along.  They believe if they simply re-double their efforts to get Americans to surrender their God-given Constitutional rights so we can all to live in the make-believe liberal utopian world, that everything will be peace, love and harmony.  “Coexist and we’ll all live happily ever after.”

It doesn’t work for islamic terrorists or asocial criminals, and it doesn’t work for gang-banging thugs.  Yes, we realize we are repeating ourselves.

These people organizing this event, to the man, are intent on keeping Chicago’s residents on the gun control plantation, slaves to the foolish notion that guns are the problem, not criminals.

These misguided plantation dwellers live and die with the false notion that somehow if they just ignore criminal gangs and violence that it won’t affect them — or if it does, it’s God’s will.


Criminal gangs run so wild in Chicago *because* the population is unwilling and unable to clean up their own neighborhoods and their own cities, and stand up to these bullying gangs.

By giving them the knowledge, skills and attitudes to defend themselves, their families and their homes from violent attack, using tools they have a Constitutional right to own and possess, they could turn things around in short order.

That, however, would involve them taking the initiative to stand up for themselves and exercise some self-reliance and self-determination instead of letting government look after them like they were helpless little toddlers or something.