The Illinois State Police:  Bureaucracy at its best


The word we got early was that the Illinois State Police were wanting to be proactive in their approach to their critical role in the new Illinois Concealed Carry law.

Not only are they processing the applications (and creating the application itself), but they are approving training courses and instructors.

Now, it’s not exactly a state secret that they are working with the sponsor of this legislation and his allies to craft an understanding, of sorts, of how to actually implement this with a minimum of hiccups.

Yes, some people at ISP were actually planning to have courses and instructors up on their website within weeks of the enactment of the bill and were working their tails off to do just that, in addition to their normal duties.

Then the bureaucrats stepped in.

“Oh hell no!” they said.  “We can’t do that!  If we approve ABC Shooting School and someone goes out and does something really stupid, we’ll be liable!”

So basically it’s analysis paralysis, and while some of the guys at the ISP headquarters really do want to do the right thing, the bureaucrats have taken control and are promising some approved instructors and classes on September 7th – exactly 60 days after enactment of the bill, the last day possible.

It’s on their website, here.

Screen capture from the ISP website on July 24th.

At this rate, if the bureaucrats maintain control of this process, we can expect to see a carry license application on day #180 after the bill’s enactment.


9 thoughts on “The Illinois State Police: Bureaucracy at its finest”
  1. I have been waiting over a 100 days for my FOID card. Every time I call they tell me the same thing that it is being processed. Thats a bunch of BS since I have had two background checks for work since I have applied for the FOID card. Then with 16 years experience with small arms in the military, I was told I have to pay for a safety course and $250 for a concealed carry permit. (More BS) It will be 2 years or more before the first permit is issued. This state sucks. DO NOT MOVE TO IL!

    1. Myself and others in my circle have noticed that our female counter parts recieved foid cards on average 1 month before males applying at
      The same time. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this trend or is it a isolated event.

    2. I waited 3 months for a renewal. That was last year. So much for the 30 day promise.

    3. My niece waited nearly 6 months doe her FOID. At the suggestion of a retired ISP officer, she called her IL state representative. FOID card received in 10 days!

  2. There is an old saying in management circles – what you tolerate, you condone. The first deadline they miss – sue ’em. We should be going after the FOID act right now. These corrupt, arrogant autocrats are violating the law. We are tolerating the flagrant violation of our rights.

  3. Just the next step in the “Illinois way” of dealing with issues they don’t like.

    Sure wish the courts would order FOID card carry right now.

  4. We need to go for retroactive. C. C. NOW. So the people. Already cleared by other states Can carry. Now and. Until Illinois gets its act together–“”–

  5. Freddie Bear Firearms/Sports in Tinley Park told me to send my FOID renwal in certified mail. They implied that this would lessen the possiblity of games being played, kinda grab their attention. So I did it. It’s only been a week now. When I get mine, I’ll leave a note here to say how long it took.

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