The Guardian Angels in Toledo, OH.

The irony is rich.

The Guardian Angels are now patrolling Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

The Guardian Angels.

The people who got their start patrolling the violence-laden New York City Subways in the 1970s.  The people who patrol low-income, high-crime neighborhoods in 144 cities in 15 different nations.

They are now patrolling the tourist mecca of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile area, with its high-end shops in what arguably should be the safest part of Chicago.

Thanks to roving packs of young, mostly black thugs victimizing people with random beatings and strong-arm robberies, it’s turned into “mugger’s mile”.

And now the Guardian Angels are patrolling that area.

God bless them for volunteering to help keep tourists and residents safe.  It’s truly sad they are needed at all, but particularly so in what should be the nicest and safest part of the city.

Chicago isn’t safe, folks.