Just when you thought rolling stone could stoop no lower, they celebrate a muslim terrorist on their cover.

The magazine, which years ago was a very popular publication among those who followed professional musicians, has certainly taken a leftward leaning stance in the past decade or two.

They hated President George W. Bush with a passion and were very anti-war.

Bush has been replaced by Obama, and the rolling stone has been generally pretty quiet on the war effort since Obama’s coronation.  That’s left r.s. struggling to be relevant as their literally shrinking publication (in more ways than one) has fought for survival.

It’s curious that a music magazine would tread into political waters, including their opposition to Constitutional rights, but they do.

They OCCUPY the far left on the political spectrum, making their effort to survive even more difficult (evidence:  Newsweek and the Air America radio network).

How do they get free publicity?  They give “rock star” treatment to a scumbag welfare-recipient muslim terrorist.

Like Billy Mays would say if he didn’t have worms crawling out of his piehole at the moment, “But wait, there’s more!”

The mag goes on to print a sniveling screed denigrating both George Zimmerman and gun owners in general with enough bigotry to make the Klan look like well-adjusted members of society:

Trayvon Martin is not dead because George Zimmerman is a fearful little bigot. He’s dead because Zimmerman is a fearful little bigot who holstered a legal, loaded 9mm Kel-Tec PF-9 pistol in public. What, in any other civilized nation, might have been a fistfight between the two – eventually broken up by the cops – turned suddenly and legally deadly in a state that has become so firearm-friendly it’s now known as the “Gunshine State.”

If you guessed there was more, you’re right.  Especially for all of us in Illinois, with predictions of blood in the streets after we finally threw Illinois’ backwards prohibition on carry outside the home into the dustbin of history alongside segregated schools, poll taxes and (most) Jim Crow laws.

 Just last week, Illinois fulfilled a decades-long crusade by the gun lobby, becoming the last of 50 states to authorize the concealed carrying of loaded guns in public. The move by the state legislature, overriding a veto by the governor, promises to fuel the epidemic of warlike gun violence in Chicago – where the city’s homicide toll hit 200 this year after a bloody Fourth of July weekend in which more than 70 were shot and a dozen murdered.

What do you expect from a rag glamorizing a terrorist with Rock Star publicity.

Gee, what’s next.

Will this be the next cover?


Don’t worry.  A number of chain merchants are saying “enough” with this issue of this cesspool publication.

(FoxNews) – At least five retailers with deep ties to New England will not sell the Rolling Stone magazine featuring an unsmiling, scruffy Boston Marathon bombing suspect [SCUMBAG’S NAME REDACTED] on its cover.

The picture, which accompanies a story titled “Jahar’s World,” shows the 19-year-old accused murderer with his long, curly hair tousled, reminiscent of the magazine’s iconic shots of rock ‘n’ roll royalty like The Doors’ Jim Morrison and Bob Dylan.

The issue — which hits newsstands Friday — depicts [SCUMBAG’S NAME REDACTED] above a boldface headline, “The Bomber.” The story, which features interviews from childhood friends, teachers and law enforcement agents, promises to reveal how a “popular, promising student was failed by his family, fell into radical Islam, and became a monster.”


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  1. I would use their paper to line the bottom of my parrot cage, but that would put the parrot in danger from ballooning up and exploding. My parrot has character that the paper.

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