Pre-emption has arrived to Illinois.

The new right-to-carry law in Illinois offered home rule units in Illinois a ten-day window in which they might pass further rules and regulations on gun ownership.

That window closed at midnight last night.

No longer may home rule units adopt more stringent regulations than state law when it comes to firearm ownership.

Ah, life is good.

Now it’s time to roll back existing local rules and regulations that do nothing but serve to obstruct law-abiding Illinois residents from exercising their Constitutional rights while doing nothing to prevent crime.

5 thoughts on “A NEW DAY IN IL: No more NEW local gun laws in Illinois”
  1. I live in Cook County and I’m not feeeling too all “jump in the air and high five with happiness” (see photo at top of your post) ater my guns were banned this week.

  2. Move, because our next step should be to make Crook County its own state. Then the rest of the state can begin fixing things and still enjoy a laugh while we watch Chicago fall apart! If we would’ve done that first, the rest of us(Non Crook County) wouldn’t have been stuck with a crappy CC law!

  3. I temper my joy over arrival of preemption with concern for some of the gun laws already in existence. Note one of Peoria’s Ordinances copied and pasted BELOW my message. If you are a resident of Peoria, IL and you buy a gun legally from an FFL within the city limits – a record of the transaction must be sent to the Peoria Police Department. (Think Gun Registration Here) It is burdens to our freedom like this that I would love to see chipped away.

    The following is from the City of Peoria’s Ordinances relating to Firearms (There are Others!)

    Sec. 20-184. Report of sales, etc., to superintendent of police.

    Every person dealing in the deadly weapons referred to in section 20-181 shall deliver daily reports to the superintendent of police. The reports shall be on forms provided by the superintendent of police and shall be a legible and correct report of every sale or gift made under authority of his license during the preceding 24 hours and shall set forth the information required in section 20-183 and the certificate required by section 20-182.

    (Code 1957, § 41-10)

  4. We must now make every effort to repeal laws that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.
    To the first comment on this page; that is horrible your guns were banned!
    Move if you can!

    We need a grass roots effort to awaken liberty accross this state and vote out ALL anti-gunners!

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