Garry McCarthy, Chicago Police Superintendent.
Also, street light assassin.
And passionate drinker of alcoholic beverages.


My goodness.  This guy’s mouth gets him in trouble every time.

A few months ago, he said he’d train his cops to shoot licensed civilians with guns.

Now he claims Chicago’s crime-fighting strategies are “clearly working”.

If he considers “working for the KKK”, then perhaps.  “Working” to reduce crime and making Chicago a safe place to visit?  Not so much.

I mean, if the Klan lynched a dozen blacks over the holiday weekend, the race hustlers would be there in a heartbeat.

But sadly, they are strangely silent when it is gangs committing the violence.  And under Murder Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Gary Mc(fecalmatter)forBrains, the city does nothing but promote victim disarmament while the criminals rape, rob and pillage their way across Chicago, not only killing and injuring fellow criminals, but also lots of innocent bystanders.

The law-abiding residents of Chicago?  They are left helpless and defenseless without navigating Chicago’s many barriers to lawful gun ownership.

Chicago (Sun-Times) – Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said Monday that his crime-fighting strategies are “clearly working,” even though he was “disappointed” at the number of shootings across the city during the long July 4th weekend.

We say McCarthy should get to working on his resume because the days of his job and his crime fighting strategies are clearly numbered.


4 thoughts on “12 dead, 74 shot: Chicago’s police chief, “Our crime-fighting strategies are clearly working””
  1. Well what. Ever shall we. Do. ??? Get rid of shit for brains. Governator. Quinn Chicago could get rid. Of double mouth. McCarthy. And then they gotta get rid of. Hitler Rahm. But. You still have Obama And Durbin then. The Madigans. And Cullertin. And ALL the other ones that are of no good purpose. Then what. Can we keep. Good honest politicians. In there or do they. Go astray. Like. Our Rod. And. Jr. Etc. what is it greed. ??? Why can’t they stay honest???

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