Does anyone have a baby wipe?

Patrick Quinn, the petulant man-child governor of Illinois, continues to promote victim disarmament in his Quixotic quest to ban civilian ownership of guns in the Prairie State.

Fortunately for all of us, he’ll be as successful as George Wallace when then-governor Wallace stood in the doorway of a school and symbolically blocked two black students from entering.

Quinn fight against irrelevancy stems from his consistent absence from almost every aspect of governing Illinois.  Instead of leading, Governor “Jello” sits on the sidelines critiquing everyone else without offering anything but fear-mongering demagoguery of the gun issue.

And when our rudderless ship of state runs aground, our petulant man-child governor runs out in front of the media and stamps his feet like a two-year-old having a temper tantrum about not getting their way.

What’s on tap for tomorrow?

The governor’s irrelevancy will be on full display for everyone to see.

It will be embarrassing and humiliating for the governor.

There will be a committee hearing that is largely as irrelevant as the governor, where the governor will send some political lackey as he would certainly not welcome direct questioning of his failed policies.

There will be a lot of hyperbole and fingers of blame pointed at the NRA if his M.O. from the last few days continues to hold.

Of course, it’s not NRA members shooting up Chicago this past weekend.  Nor is it FOID card holders.

In the end, a political lackey will be tasked with espousing the governor’s fatally flawed, make-believe belief that increasing gun ownership by good guys increases violent crime.

Schemes like Quinn’s and Emanuel’s seek to expand upon Chicago’s failed formula that has netted the Windy City something approaching 80 shot last weekend and a dozen more dead.

In the end, the governor might as well be urinating against a stiff breeze, uphill in his efforts to stop right-to-carry.

His veto will be over-ridden, perhaps as soon as lunchtime.

In short, at midnight you may strap your heater on and carry until the new bill is passed!



6 thoughts on “Illinois’ petulant man-child governor treads in irrelevancy as he gets over-ridden Tuesday”
  1. For us non-lawyers here…

    So does this mean that we get to carry between midnight and noon (or whenever they pass the over-ride vote)? Is there more to it after the veto is over-ridden in a legislative vote, or does it become law at that time?

    1. Court deadline for CCW is midnight July 9th. If the Senate procedes as the house did and overrides the veto, then the law will take effect. If they don’t override by midnight, then FOID carry will be legal, I assume. And you what that means.

  2. Something’s wrong with the countdown clock! It’s about a half hour off. or is it some kind of thing with the law?

  3. I would like to thank GSL, The NRA, ISRA, and all of you
    folks who supported CCW in Illinois. I will not be carring
    a firearm. But I will feel safer that you do.

  4. Now we get to watch the Senate Democrats try to make all the changes into separate bills.

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