Mayor Rahm Emanuel hates the fact that Americans, and indeed Illinoisans, have a right to keep and bear arms.

So, would you believe such a champion of freedom and liberty would go out of his way to bring a muslim with links to islamic terror in to be Chicago’s Comptroller?

From the City of Chicago’s website:


Amer Ahmad was named City of Chicago Comptroller by Mayor Rahm Emanuel on May 16, 2011. As Comptroller, he is responsible for the City’s cash flow and debt management, processing vendor payments and payroll, maintaining official financial records, preparing financial reports, administration of employee and annuitant benefit programs, and risk management.

Previously, Amer Ahmad served as a Senior Vice President and head of the public sector group at the Cleveland-based bank KeyCorp. He served as Deputy State Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer for the State of Ohio Treasury. In that capacity, he oversaw more than $11 billion in state investments, $9 billion in state debt obligations and over $150 billion per year in custodial assets for Ohio’s pension systems. Prior to becoming a public servant, Amer was a Vice President at the Chicago-based investment firm William Blair & Company. Amer received his MBA from Harvard Business School and his Bachelor’s degree in political science from Columbia University.


Are you curious why Ahmad isn’t still in Ohio working for the State of Ohio still?

From the Jawa Report.

Ohio Treasurer’s Muslim CFO Amer Ahmad hands out no-bid contracts, state jobs to fellow Islamic extremists, attends terror tied Noor mosque

Several articles have appeared in the past week in the Ohio media concerning accusations against the Ohio Treasurer’s CFO and deputy treasurer, Amer Ahmad, that he has handed out no-bid contracts and state jobs to Islamic extremist friends associated with the terror-tied Noor Islamic Cultural Center, where he and his family attend.

The story began with the Dayton Daily news, who reported:

Boston-based State Street Bank won work worth $1.27 million from Ohio Treasurer Kevin Boyce’s office this year after hiring a lobbyist with personal connections to Boyce’s deputy treasurer.State Street Bank was the low bidder on a subcontract to be the custodial bank for global assets at three of Ohio’s five public pension systems — a job that entails keeping track of more than $23.6 billion in assets.

No laws were broken and Boyce’s office makes a solid business case why State Street got the work. But just two days before proposals were due, the bank hired an immigration attorney with little experience in banking or lobbying to lobby for the contract.

In fact, Noure Alo’s only lobbying contract is with State Street, according to records filed with the Joint Legislative Ethics Commission.

Alo, who lives in Dublin outside Columbus, also appears to have ties to Amer Ahmad, Boyce’s deputy treasurer.

To say that they have ties is an understatement. Noure Alo was the registering attorney for Ahmad’s consulting corporation, Five River Partners LLC. Both attend the Noor center mosque, and Alo is actively involved in Ahmad’s service organization, Salam Corps.

As both the Dayton Daily News and Cleveland Plain Dealer have reported, State Street won the no-bid contract to manage $23.6 billion in state assets just days after hiring immigration attorney Alo as a lobbyist. State Street is Alo’s only lobbying client registered with the state of Ohio. State Street is currently facing a lawsuit filed by the state of California for defrauding it of $56.6 million – a lawsuit that had already been filed before the state of Ohio awarded the no-bid contract to State Street (who just happened to hire Noure Alo two days before the RFI deadline).

If this isn’t disturbing enough…  (Yes, we know we’re borrowing liberally from the Jawa Report…)

As the late Billy Mays would say, but wait, there’s more!

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported on Sunday that Noure Alo’s wife, Walaa Waeda, was hired by Ohio Treasurer Kevin Boyce as an assistant for a job that was never posted, only announced at Ahmad and Alo’s mosque, and she the only candidate who applied and was interviewed

There’s still more smoke pouring out of the barrel of this gun.  Read the rest at the Jawa Report.

Hat tip to Second City Cop for Ahmad’s past.




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