Poor Mayor Bloomberg.  Bless his heart.

His MAIG group is having a bad couple of weeks and the hits just keep coming.

On top of the earlier embarrassing revelations that MAIG’s web presence were supported and funded by New York City, it was also revealed that New York City employees were lobbying for gun control half-way across the nation in Nevada.

And now the Washington Times has reports of non-existent “crowds” at his “No More Names” tour where the MAIG tour bus stops and mourns the loss of criminals, cop killers and islamic terrorists as though we’re supposed to get weepy at the death of thugs who ambush police officers or blow up innocents with homemade bombs.

Well, we shouldn’t say the crowds are non-existent.

There are crowds.  It’s just that the crowds are pro-gun activists refuting the bile spewed by MAIG speakers.

MAIG’s circus side-show is coming to Illinois, according to the ISRA.

Let’s make sure we give them the welcome they so richly deserve.

After all, their early reports suggest that gun owners “know their place” and are passive.  They obviously haven’t encountered Guns Save Life members yet.

(Washington Times) – Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York is running out of ammunition in his campaign for gun control. The public has moved on. The shootings at Newtown, Conn., tragic as they were, happened six months ago, and they’re not as easy to exploit as they used to be. Support for Hizzoner’s crusade, like a Popsicle dropped on a summer sidewalk, is dissolving.

Only this week, Mayor Donnalee Lozeau of Nashua, N.H., bolted from the Bloomberg-backed Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group that claims to have 950 mayors as members. Ms. Lozeau was angered by the Bloomberg advertising hit on Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, a fellow Republican: “I simply cannot be part of an organization that chooses this course of action, instead of cooperatively working with those who have proven over a lifetime of work their true intentions,” she told the Nashua Telegraph.

Three days earlier, Mayor Larry Morrissey of Rockford, Ill., an independent, withdrew his membership when he discovered that Mr. Bloomberg’s mayors were obsessed not just with illegal guns, but with rifles and normal-capacity magazines as well. “The reason why I joined the group in the first place was because I took the name for what it said, against illegal guns,” Mr. Morrissey told the Rockford Register-Star. He said he will apply for a concealed-carry gun permit because he has lately received death threats. The Second Amendment is important, after all.

Two dozen other mayors have deferred to propriety and withdrew from the group after they were variously convicted of bribery, extortion, fraud, assault and child molesting. The Second Amendment Foundation keeps a growing tally of the naughty mayors against guns. These include Sheila Dixon, the former mayor of Baltimore, who has appeared in Mayor Bloomberg’s television commercials against guns. She was convicted of “misappropriating” money intended for needy families and putting it into her own pocket.

Mr. Bloomberg is no crook, but no stranger to hypocrisy. He travels with his own bodyguards, sometimes with New York City’s finest, all of whom are thought to keep real bullets in their real guns. He just doesn’t want the rest of us to have the protection he can afford to buy…

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4 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s gun control jihad is melting like a popsicle in the summer heat”
  1. Wonder if Urbana’s finest is still among his supporters……?

    Only she can tell us, I suppose. Think I’ll give her a jingle…..

  2. I would not call Urbana’s mayor “Urbana’s Finest”.

    Urbana’s “limousine liberal” maybe. But Finest? Not by a long shot.

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