The prosecution’s house of cards case against George Zimmerman is collapsing spectacularly with today’s testimony of Trayvon Martin’s “girlfriend”, the 19-year-old senior to be Rachel Jenteal.

Jenteal, who gives a convincing impression of an imbecile, should probably get the defense team’s MVP award.

( . (no longer in technical use; considered offensive) a person of the second order in a former and discarded classification of mental retardation, above the level of idiocy, having a mental age of seven or eight years and an intelligence quotient of 25 to 50.

Not only has she been exposed as a serial perjurer, but when asked to read the letter she allegedly wrote to Trayvon’s mother, she awkwardly admitted she was illiterate.

She also said she heard the sound of “wet grass” on her “bloo too” phone shortly before her connection with Travyon was lost.  This morning, defense attorney Don West asked her to explain what wet grass sounded like.   The look on her face and the long, pregnant pause she offered up was priceless, hysterical and painful to watch.

Not only is little illiterate Rachel’s future book deal slipping through her plump fingers, she’s liable to be blamed for the failure to persecute, er, we mean prosecute George Zimmerman successfully if the jury comes back with an acquittal.   Members of her “community” who call Caucasian folks “crackers” would probably not be happy with her, given the social media posts some from her community have been publishing in recent days.

We bring you some of these crude, savage posts.  Gee, if we didn’t know better, we’d say some of these Trayvon supporters are racist bigots in addition to semi-literate and crude.

Screencaps courtesy Weasel Zippers.

7 thoughts on “Zimmerman witch-hunt trial flounders, crude Trayvon supporters pledge vigilante justice”
  1. Excuse me? Are you serious?! How dare you disrespect imbeciles by comparing them to this thing? According to your own definition, imbeciles have “a mental age of seven or eight years.” An average 7-year old knows how to read and write, not to mention how to express his thoughts in a coherent fashion. This thing is utterly incapable of any of these intellectual feats.

    On another note, I just love the prosecution’s argument that “English is her second language.”

  2. Why, oh WHY, when she (in my humble opinon) is a DISRESPECTFUL OAF, does she end EVERY sentence (under questioning) with “Sir”? Sorry, but it brings to mind a word used long, long ago that rhymes with FASTER…….

    What a ploy… play the public and the jury for fools…..!?!?!?

    Read her (deleted) tweets to see the REAL person behind this “respectful woman for whom English is a second language”……..SPARE me/spare US……

    Without a doubt, they are spinning us in order to CREATE chaos among the classes they want to separate. Classes THEY alone created and divided.

    Shame on us if we allow them to get away with it!

  3. Rachel Jenteal is a perfect example of what liberal government and inner city schools are producing. She can’t read, but knows how to use her cell phone and post on facebook. She is obviously well fed. She calls Caucasians “crackers”, but doesn’t think that term is racist.

    The real disturbing thing is that there are MANY, MANY more people who are just as screwed up as she is.

  4. First she says that “cracker” is not a racial term. Then she tell us that she didn’t want to tell Martins mother he had used the term because she didn’t want to be disrespectful. LIAR LIAR She obviously knows that the term has deep racial overtones and in throwing it out for the first time in court, reveals herself to be someone willing to distort and lie about what actually happened in an effort to bias the jury against the defendant

  5. Unfortunately, in a case like this, truth doesn’t matter. Race is all that counts. If Zimmerman gets off, there will be riots. The jury is probably aware of this.

  6. I hope law enforcement is ready in Florida, because he is going to get off, and there will be riots.

    1. The real shame here is that Trayvon, obviously not the brightest bulb in the ghetto, didn’t have the maturity and polish to take down his hood, extend his hand and say… “Hello, my name is Trayvon Martin, I have family living at _ _ _ _ and am just coming home from the store.

      Instead he played the tough guy, old “No Limit” found his limit.


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