PTR industries formally announced today they are bailing on Connecticut.

PTR’s VP looks over mail urging them to bail on Connecticut. Well, they now have made it official.

And taking their tax dollars and the money they spend into the local economy with them.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Gov. Malloy.

(Guns Magazine) – “The cat is out of the bag on Connecticut firearms manufacturer PTR Industries. They are coming to Horry County, South Carolina!!!,” South Carolina Rep. Alan Clemmons (R- Myrtle Beach), who met with the company earlier this month, wrote to his constituents via Facebook this morning.

And it’s true. PTR Industries announced that it’s packing up and moving to South Carolina, the company confirmed with this morning. It’s the first of all the Connecticut gun makers to do so.

3 thoughts on “VOTING WITH THEIR FEET: PTR says “buh bye!” to Connecticut”
  1. Welcome to gun-friendly South Carolina..these are Yankees we will welcome with open arms, good BBQ, and honest, sincere smiles……all the rest of you gun makers, we got plenty of Southern Hospitality to go around….so, COME ON DOWN

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