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It seems Her Royal Highness’ subjects are very keen on repealing their nation’s ban on handgun ownership, which came about as a knee-jerk reaction to a mass attack by an evil man.

Since the ban and confiscation of handguns in 1997, Britain has seen a steadily increasing rate of violent crime.  Gun crimes increased nearly 100% in the decade from 1999 to 2009.

The royal subjects are, as we mentioned earlier, keen to end the prohibition on handgun ownership.  Asked about some key issues facing Great Britain, the poll below shows an overwhelming majority want to be able to possess handguns once again.



31 thoughts on “Brits overwhelmingly want repeal of handgun ban”
  1. I think the ban on no spitting has a far better chance at passing than repealing a handgun ban. I feel bad for the Brits. You had these two Somali fucks literally hacking someone to death in the streets (for Allah) and people just stood around and watched. What’s even worse were that the police didn’t even kill them. It’s pretty incredible actually.

    1. The first police on scene, were unarmed and had to wait for a “Armed Response Vehicle units”.
      In the UK: After killing Lee Rigby in the Woolwich street, just 200 yards from the military barracks. “The two black men in their 20s, waited calmly for armed police to arrive before charging at officers brandishing a rusty revolver, knives and meat cleavers.”


    2. Nigerian… not Somali. But your point is taken.

      Unfortunately, both the USA and UK have taken the concept of free speech too far. The notion that people can stand on a street in a country they’re essentially a visitor in, and preach hatred is just so detestable to the average citizen. Even if you’re born in the country, hatred and speech about violence just has no place in society – I don’t care what you say in your home, but if you act on your violent thoughts, you’ll be deported if you’re not killed. We don’t wish to pay the price for a long term confinement. And if you’re a citizen, we’ll make sure your dead so the prisons aren’t overcrowded.

      Honestly, isn’t it time for society to get tough?

    3. The first responders had NO weapons.. like most UK Police. The two MORONS had a GUN.. they were totally outmatched. I wonder when these IDIOTS in the UK are going to learn .. its NOT the guns that kill.. its the PEOPLE.

  2. Maybe we need to air drop some FP-45 Liberators…….or something a little newer???

  3. Kind of fly’s in the face of ol’ Piers Morgan and his ridiculous claims!

    1. I disagree… in a perfect world, Piers’s views are the ideal. Unfortunately, we just don’t live in that utopia. There are freaks out there who rear their ugly heads and I hope we can defend the good guys and gals when the time comes.

  4. Britons have brought this up in local political meetings with their elected representatives time and again, but the elite party, who are utterly shocked each time this comes up, their party organizations have overruled, it simply would be barbaric to have law abiding people capable of defending their own lives…besides, how could they ever face their fellow ruling-class members of the Euro-peon Parliament community if they allowed their nation to regress to that Neanderthal stage where the peasantry were once again armed?

    Where Great Britain used to be, between France and Ireland.

  5. As the Brits would say this is “weak tea”. 7000 “votes”? That’s .001% of the population of the UK. When formula 1 racing was set to be moved from the BBC to a pay channel like sky there was a petition wherein almost 30,000 Brits opposed this (4 to 5 times as many who want to repeal the gun ban). Terrible effort, even from ill-informed wingnuts.

    1. More than your 1,000 polled who claim to be the 90% of the US wanting universal registration, oh sorry, “universal background checks”, so sad!

  6. The Brits can have all of our “Gun Free Zone” signs here in the USA. That should stop all the gun violence, right?

  7. You take away guns from the good guys you get more bad guys, it’s simple logic, and sometimes you get to watch soldiers get their heads cut off on the street by muslim extremists.

    That’s not happening in my town.

    (PS. Recently a Saudi Arabian tried to abduct a child off the street. What do you think we would have done if we caught him first? You come to my country as a visitor. You behave. Or else.)

    1. “muslim extremist” is a redundancy, any good muslim will be a violent one. Check out thereligionofpeace. com

  8. Surely what that result means is that “The readers of this website overwhelmingly want repeal of handgun ban more than they want a term limit on Prime Ministers, a flat tax, the greening of public spaces, closure of the child maintanence loophole, or a ban on spitting”

    This is a very, VERY different statement than “Brits overwhelmingly want repeal of handgun ban”.

  9. “Political revolutions do not often accomplish anything of genuine value; their one undoubted effect is simply to throw out one gang of thieves and put in another. After a revolution, of course, the successful revolutionists always try to convince doubters that they have achieved great things, and usually they hang any man who denies it. But that surely doesn’t prove their case.” HL Menken

  10. Hey idiots 8, 000 votes is a small small precentage of the UK population. Its nice to know .000126% of the 63.2 million britts showed up for this turd of a poll.

  11. Maybe Piers Morgan will return to England to fight against lifting the ban!!

  12. and you don’t think that repealing the ban won’t backfire? if you can allow civilians to carry handguns, so can these attackers… someone is bound to sell them one…

    simple handguns have an average of 6 to 15 bullets in them… who’s to say if one of those attackers get their hands on one of those, he’d randomly target people? and he doesn’t even have to get close… and these people are known to have ‘kamikaze’ spirit amongst them because if one of them can take out more than 1 other, they think it is worth their one life…

    example: https://www.google.com.my/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=oO7suxh_Ty8aBM&tbnid=PkrtR3hAZ_fNuM:&ved=0CAMQjhw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ksbw.com%2Fnews%2Fcentral-california%2F20-students-dead-in-Connecticut-school-shooting%2F-%2F5737870%2F17779388%2F-%2Fq588n3%2F-%2Findex.html&ei=FBaoUdSxGYuzrAfNqoGoBw&bvm=bv.47244034,d.bmk&psig=AFQjCNGlMNGKTG33mS1M1FUdCnZpPL537Q&ust=1370056563687079

    violence begets violence; hate begets hate… in this case guns beget guns…

    1. I have never in my life seen a gun kill anyone. The gun lays right where a person puts it. It takes a retarded mentally unstable fu#$in idiot to pick it up and kill someone. A sensible law abiding citizen that has been trained to use a weapon properly will be able to protect their self and anyone that is close to them when and if the need ever arises Guns saves Lives and people kill people not guns kill people. 2nd amendment for ever. Don’t tread on me. Can Not be infringed upon. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    2. Did you even read the article? Gun violence is up nearly 100% AFTER guns were banned! Evil people will always find a way to get their hands on illegal things. Law abiding citizens obtaining guns through legal means are far less likely to use their gun for a crime of any sort and BONUS can potentially stop someone from being beheaded in the street right in front of them!

    3. The article misrepresents what actually happened. Gun crime rose “after” the handgun ban (which only affected 50,000 people – less than 1% of the population), but it had been rising long before that, anyway. The figures then levelled out, and have been falling consistently for the last few years, and are now _lower_ than they were “before” the ban.

  13. I think it’s a good idea after all the Americans are backed by the NRA which has 200 million members all paying dues to join! and no one is going to take away our right to bear arms!

  14. The poll does not show an overwhelming majority of Brits want to be able to possess handguns. Readers were polled, of the several suggested topics, which one would they want to see debated.

  15. If the voters were people who frequented this website then I’m not at all surprised your survey showed this result. However a broader survey will show that the vast majority of HER MAJESTY’s subjects support firearms being kept firmly in the hands of professionals. English and Scottish laws permit only reasonable force in self-defence. As a former soldier I find the idea of untrained civilians wielding automatic weapons absurd dangerous and repellant.

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