Call your Illinois State Senator.  Right now.  Tell him “NO” to magazine bans.

MELT those phone lines.  Call their district offices and their Springfield Capitol offices.  Even if you *thought* they were pro-gun in the past.  There are a more than a couple who were formerly pro-gun who are going soft with their aspirations of higher office.

This goes for Senate Republicans as well!


If you have a chance to go to Springfield and tell them this, face to face, all the better.

Write them a short email and then mail a one-minute letter, right now.

Right now.

Do it.

Don’t know your senator’s numbers?  We can help.  Click here.


10 thoughts on “ALERT – CALL YOUR SENATOR: Tell them *NO* to magazine bans”
  1. Every elected official KNOWS FULL WELL where the vast majority of Illinois population stands in this issue. WHILE the clock ticks on a COURT ORDERED MANDATE to ELIMINATE a BAN the ILGA leadership PLAYS GAMES with more bans.

    Ill say again – all the calls begging for permission slips EMBOLDENED THEM and brought this ban back from its previous defeat. This move now is a slap in the face to everyone pleading for a shall issue permission slip.

    So I ask you now – HAD ENOUGH YET? Are you ready to admit that there is no partner to deal with and that there is no such thing as a good deal? That there is ONLY conceding “enough” (aka a shall issue that functions as a may issue)? Oppose ALL legislation as the infringing menaces each and every one out there now is!!!!

    1. Yes, Ashrak, I have had enough. Enough of you peeing all over us who are trying to do something. To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, you don’t go into this with the system you’d like to have, you go into it with the system you have. And to paraphrase Winston Churchill, democracy is the worst form of government ever invented – except for every other form of government. Call your senator instead of calling us out!

    2. Amen! Ashrak, we get your point! Enough is enough. Deal with the situation we have been dealt. We all hate it, but it is the reality. We did not embolden the gun haters. We are working within the bounds of the legal framework we are obliged to work within. Help with the fight and quit sniping. We have enough on our hands dealing with the enemies of our civil rights. We should not have to constantly defend against our friends. Hit the phones already.

  2. I don’t think he is the only one that feels that way. I’ll bet if you had a way to do an honest, accurate poll of all gun owners nation wide and the choice was may issue, shall issue with a super high fee, fingerprinting, and training by the state police, and constitution carry; constitution carry would win every time. Just for the record I attend I gold, also a member of NRA, ISRA, and GSL.
    I have attended training and donated money toward this cause. I also agree that we should not give one inch to the democrats who hate us and want to ruin this state and the rest of the country.
    Several other states have carry without a permission slip and it does not cause a lot of problems and their crime rates are much lower than ours.

  3. You know I don’t comment a whole lot but this Ashrak dude is just peeving me off. Yes, we get your point. OUR point is that we have work with these idiots to an extent. YOU ASHRAK are not helping the situation at all. In fact, you make it worse. We don’t need your constant, daily, rant on the same old thing. What we do need is action to stop the bad bills so that a somewhat good bill can get through. While constitutional carry may sound good in theory, with the home rule and other ideas being tossed around, more law abiding good gun owners have the potential to get hung up in the legal system. This is not a good thing. And the other about this DB that bugs me is you keep telling us what not to do but have no good suggestions on what to do with the political climate that we do have in the House and Senate. So Sir maybe you should remember what you were told or taught, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

    That is all.

  4. I love constitutional carry.

    Arkansas is state number 5 to get it.

    I look forward to visiting the wife’s relatives in Arkansas this summer, and enjoying my right.

    But Arkansas is number 5 on that list. Illinois is number 50 on the list of states that infringe. Illinois currently infringes everywhere outside my home.

    I’d love for Illinois to be number 6 on the constitutional carry bandwagon, but I can’t see a way that will happen. I CAN see a way for us to have something similar to Floridians, Texans, and many others, who may not have constitutional carry but do enjoy much more freedom than we in Illinois do.

    Although I love constitutional carry, I’m a realist. Let’s keep working on what we can achieve, not what would be perfect.

  5. There is no question that Illinois government often ignores our Second Amendment positions.
    But we must keep trying. Maybe we won’t accomplish anything beyond being targeted by a drone but we cannot sit back and do nothing while our constitutional rights are being stolen. If nothing else, fighting the good fight along side good people may be the only thing which keeps me from voting with my feet.

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