Mayor Rahm Emanuel is spinning the violence on Chicago’s Gold Coast is if it doesn’t happen.

We’ve seen comments that suggest yesterday’s article about the wilding arrests on Michigan Avenue (Teen mobs run wild in downtown on Drudge) over the weekend weren’t as tame as claimed in the mainstream media.

Here’s the article:

Eleven juveniles and one adult were arrested last night after a large group converged near the Gold Coast and were blocking traffic, police said.

The people were arrested and charges were pending, said Chicago Police News Affairs Sgt. Antoinette Ursitti.

The youths were part of a group that had caused a “minor disturbance” in the area, Ursitti said. She said the group members were not being violent and there were no reported injuries.

The group was made up of several dozen members who roamed from Michigan Avenue west on Chicago Avenue to LaSalle Street and witnesses said they were between the ages of 14 and 19 years old.

Comments suggested the teens were pushing, shoving and beating tourists and local citizens – targeting Caucasians in very racially motivated attacks.

Obviously, Mayor Rahm is very sensitive as those high-end stores on the Gold Coast depend on tourists and affluent locals for their livelihood, hence his creative re-write of history from the weekend.  From Second City Cop.

  • Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy reiterated Monday that his department has safety and security under control in the North Michigan Avenue area.

    McCarthy spoke to reporters at his weekly news conference held to showcase the amount of illegal guns seized in the city.

  • McCarthy says its being blown out of proportion by the media, creating a perception that there’s a problem.

    “So far to date, there’s been no major incidents, but what’s getting reported is mayhem, and it’s patently false,” McCarthy says, claiming there’s been no robberies, thefts or property damage.

No robberies? No thefts?

Bartender? We’ll have two of what he’s having.

6 thoughts on “Orwellian statements continue: Rahm, “Perception isn’t reality””
  1. It would be a cryin shame if some folk were there, ready to punch back….. These punks always run at any sign of resistance.

  2. And they continue to LIE while our sides “leadership” scolds people for daring exercise the freedom of speech for some sandy hook parent might be offended. Still we are told to be patient and offer BLIND TRUST. All along calls should have been NO CONCESSION AND NO BEGGING!

    They actually want to and think they can still HIDE the endless violence in Chicago. They think the can play emotion card endlessly. One has to put forth this – maybe they THINK THOSE THINGS BECAUSE “our side isn’t stepping up to the plate and swinging for the fences. I submit that it’s time for us to do exactly that. Stand up my fellow Patriots!

  3. I wish OUR SIDE would also stop referring to these roving gangs of blacks as “teens.”

    Witnesses say they appeared to be between 14 and 19. Bullshit!

    There is ONE THING and one thing only that we know as a matter of FACT – irrefutable – immutable – undeniable fact – about these incidents…. the offenders are ALL BLACK.

    You have no idea how old they are, except the arrested ones. You do know that they’re all BLACK.

    Let us call a spade a spade, may we please?

    1. Unfortunately we’ve come to the point that reporting a simple fact – that it was a mob of young blacks – needs to be glossed over.

      Fortunately almost everyone sees through that and rightly knows it was a mob of young blacks. Am I against blacks? Not remotely. But show me one single instance of a mob of Chicago white kids doing the same. It ain’t racist, it’s just fact and any suggestion of possibly trying a culture change for said individuals is simply not allowed.

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