An old FOID card!

Illinois FOID-card processing has been getting worse and worse since last November’s election season and today, waiting times are three to six months for processing renewals or new cards.

Well, relief may be on the way.

In recent days, Illinois has terminated the contract with the company providing the FOID card processing and hired a new company, Boland Enterprises, to handle the load.

The former company is crying the blues about losing the six-figure contract.  They’ve laid off 20 employees at their downstate Illinois office which handled FOID card processing, but frankly, they weren’t doing the job and it wasn’t getting better.

Boland’s website suggests they have experience processing FOID cards for the time between 2005 and 2012.  We’re not sure if this past experience is a good thing or not.


ABC7 Chicago reported on the change last night…

(WLS) –– Anyone who has recently applied for a firearm owner’s card in Illinois knows that it there is quite a wait.

State police say that’s because 70,000 applications have piled up in their outsource processing center – and that’s because there are only four state workers doing background checks.

The I-Team has learned that an emergency contract is now in place with a new vendor to process that backlog and to prepare for the onslaught of concealed/carry applications.

…The company, called Rely, was hired last year by the state to transfer applicant information from FOID records into computers.

The firm, headquartered in Hoffman Estates, has been notified by state police officials that they weren’t doing the job.

This contract with Rely has been terminated early.

A new deal was struck with a firm called Boland Enterprises – an emergency service purchase under a 90 day contract for the keying and scanning of firearm owners identification card applications to meet the continued need for the Illinois State Police to meet its statutory mandate.


15 thoughts on “State Police FIRES company processing FOIDs, hires new provider under emergency contract”
  1. Can’t pay a vendor? Vendor tired on lack of payment so they slow work down? Looking for a way to blame a vendor for the state not doing its job – not complying with its own mandates? Simple solution – get a new vendor. Now delays can be blamed on the new vendor, the transition to the new vendor and and and and.

    If the backlog is in the ISP, how does a vendor change resolve it? I guess they couldn’t raid the ROAD fund anymore to get more people processing FOIDS.

    This is just a defense (attempt) set up for coming court challenges regarding FOID.
    Deny. Delay. Distract.

  2. Anything more than a 30 day delay is in violation of the law. The State Police are violating the law and denying IL citizens their civil rights. It is time for a lawsuit.

  3. I agree. Do away with foid cards and force them to destroy all records. Then keep working on constitution carry.

  4. The foid card infringes on the 2nd ad. I have been waiting for 8 weeks. Everyone that has a foid card should form a law suit. More IL BS

    1. Actually, everyone who DOES NOT have a FOID card and who has waited 30 days should file suit. Judicial standing requirements. Btw, just lost my wallet and FOID card. Wanna guess what the process is to replace it? Go through the whole application again and wait 6 months. Why? I already went through it before. I am so ticked.

  5. Looks like “our” side needs to do some “firing” as well.
    At the minimum “we” should see a serious apology, public apology, from Phelps for his tossing “us” under the public transportation bus. That tidbit was a signal that all the “compromising” still wasn’t enough. NEWSFLASH- it never will be enough EVER. So STOP DOING IT!!!! Enough is enough.

    Here’s an idea – stand for FULL RIGHTS for EVERYONE and CONCEDE NOTHING!

  6. I woudn’t be surprised if Illinois was behind in it’s payments to these guys. They are 9-10 months behind in payments to my employer.

  7. This is nothing more than a “STALL” by the Nanny Govt. in Springfield, if you have requested a FOID card 2 or 3 months ago and still don’t have it, you most likely will not see one until after the June deadline or later. If Illinois becomes a constitutional carry State, because of lack of movement in the Illinois legislation…those WITHOUT a FOID CARD will be stuck in card no carry.

  8. Been waiting since’s now May 29th, only took them 2 weeks to cash my check! With a backlog of 70,000 that’s $700,000 in application fees they’ve already spent without providing our Cards in the mandated time requirement…sounds like GRAND THEFT to me!

  9. Sent mine in Jan 18th………stil waiting…..Is it possible to file a class action against the state?

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