Their goal:  To get these junk bills up for a floor vote on Friday.

Contact your Senator.  Tell him there’s no compromise for Chicago on the carry bill.  The message:  One state.  One law.  Period.

As for the magazine bill:  Tell your elected official to leave your magazines alone.


Illinois: Senate Skirts Right to Carry Mandate by Contemplating Vote on Severely Flawed Bills This Week

(NRA-ILA) – This week in Springfield, anti-gun state Senators will attempt to derail Right to Carry by forcing votes on severely flawed Right to Carry legislation and a bill to ban magazines commonly used in carry firearms.  This faulty concealed carry legislation attempts to exempt Chicago and Cook County from any “shall-issue” mandate and allow individual towns to expand the list of places statewide that are off-limits to anyone concealed carrying.  If such exemptions are adopted, 40% of Illinois’ population could be denied the ability to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense based on their residency and the confusing patchwork of laws will put ALL gun owners statewide at risk of felony prosecution.  Call your state Senator TODAY:  Tell him or her that any compromise and vote in favor of this type of legislation to abandon 40% of the Illinois population is a vote against Right to Carry.

Also imminent is a vote on banning magazines commonly used in concealed carry firearms.  The bill number is not yet available, but the legislation seeks to impose an arbitrary ten-round limit.   Restrictions on magazine capacity only limit the ability of law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves effectively and would ban numerous commonly used standard capacity magazines.

It is imperative that you contact your state Senator NOW and respectfully tell him or her to support “Shall-Issue” Right to Carry without carve-outs and exceptions for municipalities, and to oppose any magazine bans.  With Right to Carry in jeopardy, state legislators need to be reminded that “Shall-Issue” carry is the best move for Illinois.  In a state with an excessive crime problem, Illinois citizens need to be able to defend themselves against the criminals and gang members who will not obey ANY laws.  Our constitutional right to keep and bear arms and inherent right to self-defense protect all Americans, not just some in a particular state, city or county.  State legislators have a responsibility to their constituents to NOT choose politics over a perfect chance to make Illinois a safer place for ALL residents.

Contact information for your state Senator can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Call your state senator, remind him (or her): One state, one law on carry”
  1. I’ve got my State Senator on my cell phone’s contacts list. You can bet I’ll be on the phone first thing tomorrow. Take the time to program the necessary numbers into your phone now; that way it’s way convenient to make that call first thing in the AM.

  2. Enough is enough. I DARE them to pass their garbage bills. I double dog DARE them to do so! Sick of this childish game with all the idiocy trying to make other permission slip bills look “better”. It’s really quite ridiculous. Let them play their games. Let them pass all the unconstitutional idiocy they want and be resolved to just meet them in court after they do.

    It’s time to stop playing their games – it’s time to just witness them play with themselves and demonstrate to everyone that they are doing exactly that – playing games.
    They will FREAK OUT if they are left to play all by themselves.

    Just take the votes and let the chips fall where they do.

  3. Don’t be too surprised if they intend to let the June 9 deadline pass. Then Cities and towns can pass their own local Gun Free status.
    Illinois will be Constitutional Carry, but withvery limited places to carry.

  4. How about ONE COUNTRY ONE LAW. you know like a Constitutional Right that is recognized all across this land.

    As for the home rule canard – Selective Incorporation Doctrine applies to local government just like state and federal government. Chicago can no more ban speaking and praying than it can carrying. There is NO legislative solution here. There is ONLY judicial relief from out of control and corrupt politicians.

    It’s nonsensical to say that local government units can ignore a constitutional RIGHT. Just as ridiculous as saying state government didnt have to abide by it. Lisa LOST that argument in McDonald and will lose it any time she tries (or others try) to make it.

    The notion that RIGHTS “don’t apply” to ANY GOVERNMENT is foolish. So stop buying into that TACTIC OF FEAR!

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