This happened literally in broad daylight at noontime in one of the supposedly “safest” areas of Chicago.

Just another day in the land of strict gun control where only the bad guys carry guns.


Woman robbed of $200K worth of jewelry on Mag Mile

(WGN) – A 69-year-old woman was robbed of as much as $200,000 in jewelry, cash and other items by a group of young men in front of a North Michigan Avenue department store this afternoon, authorities said.

A victim was robbed of her possessions in the 700 block of North Michigan Avenue about 12:20 p.m., said Police News Affairs Officer Ronald Gaines.

The victim was not injured in the robbery, Gaines said.

Gaines had no information on suspect descriptions, or the amount taken in the robbery.

No description of the suspects?  Color us suspicious.

Were they Amish Canadians?  Chinese?

The woman, age 69, was robbed by a group of at least three and as many and eight young men, law enforcement sources said. A detailed description was not available.

The woman told police the group surrounded her, and demanded her money and jewelry.

The robbers took several thousand dollars in cash and several pieces of jewelry, including one diamond brooch valued at about $50,000, authorities said. The woman told police the value of the items, including the jewelry, cash and her purse, was as much as $200,000, sources said.

Area Central detectives were investigating.

You’ll have to click the link for a TV report.

2 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: Woman robbed of $200k in jewelry on Michigan Ave.”
  1. Hey now, lets not jump to conclusions! This may just be some redistribution of wealth and the supposed victim may just be a disgruntled TEA party member. Besides, nobody NEEDS to be walking around with all that wealth! Especially when there is such a wealth gap in this country! My gawd, how do loyalists make such arguments everyday???

    What really is the difference between a group of street thugs and IRS anyway? There must be some differences, right? Arbitrary theft is different from arbitrary theft how?

  2. Second City Cop has posted the woman’s story was not consistant with survalance camera records. After further questioning she has admittede lying. Probably an insurance scam. Too bad the origonal story is so easily believable.

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