30 day countdown…


30 days to go until Illinois gets unregulated carry!

It’s not really Constitutional Carry, which four states enjoy and another (Arkansas) will have later this summer, because local home-rule government units can place restrictions (albeit, probably unconstitutional) and may try to make an arrest of an Illinois gun owner carrying concealed – or otherwise.

Of course, if they choose to make an arrest based upon a local ordinance that regulates transportation or possession of a firearm that’s contrary to the Seventh Circuit’s Moore decision striking down the Illinois prohibition on carry outside the home as unconstitutional, they will be risking a 1983 lawsuit for damages.  Section 1983 suits deal with the violation of civil rights under the color of authority.

Our advice:  After June 9th, if we don’t have a carry law in Illinois, strap on your heater if you’re so inclined.  Concealed means concealed.  Don’t run your mouth about it.  Don’t play with it over the course of the day.  Have some training before you carry and know the rules for justifiable use of deadly force.  And for heaven’s sake:  be careful.

Concealed means concealed.

While the Seventh Circuit’s decision striking down Illinois Unlawful Use of Weapons statute would mean that you could carry a rifle in public, we wouldn’t recommend it.

What’s that expression about inviting the man into your life?

Just don’t do it.

7 thoughts on “30 days to go…”
  1. Open means open and current SCOTUS PRECEDENT protects open carry specifically and upheld ban on concealed carry in that context. “Unregulated” is a misnomer – more accurately is to say “not banned”.

  2. In my opinion, Open Carry is unwanted attention. Instead of showing your gun for all to see, make that criminal wonder if you’re armed or not.

    “All warfare is based on deception” – Sun Tzu ( The art of War)

  3. I agree, don’t ask for any attention just enjoy the peace of mind. Concealed means concealed.

  4. I suggest taking it one step at a time. You are correct, we have an absolute right to carry a firearm. However, if everyone slings an AR-15 over their shoulder with 3-4 full magazines strapped to their chest, you will allow the gun grabbers to make a case against us. That will cause individual municipalities to pass their own regulations. We will end up with a patchwork of conflicting laws that will require test cases, lots of money and years in courts to straighten out (assuming we don’t end up with Chief Justice Sotomayor calling the shots).

    What I’m trying to say is that we need to convince the low information public that Illinois won’t suddenly become a war zone or the wild west. At the NRA meeting last weekend, there were many people carrying concealed. It was no big deal. We want concealed carry to be no big deal in Illinois, as well. It’s going to take a while for that to happen.

    1. And just what case can they make DM? They have nothing but propaganda and they employ that now – effectively too seeing as how they have you obviously scared if what they might say about you exercising your right – so scared that some advocate not exercising it at all or at best hidden from view.

      Just my opinion but that’s running scared – not standing and fighting. Low information voters cannot be convinced, they must be shown – it must be proven to them. Part of normalization is them being told many are carrying concealed, I agree with that, but so too must they see it with their own eyes. Many need pictures and more need links to pictures and videos. For them it’s the only way they will believe….
      I submit that open carry outside Chicago is a GREAT way of Standing up for our brethren in that prison city. I suit also that bringing attention is also a great way to push this movement forward.

    2. Ashrak,

      I appreciate your passion. You should be more careful about what you think is obvious.

      I look forward to seeing you on the 11 PM news.

  5. O k. Why don’t we get out our. Copy of ( soon to be. Obsolete). Copy. Of HOW TO TRANSPORT. YOUR FIREARM LEGALLY. And read it real good and start now to transport. Legally. And see how. Comfortable yor are with NO. Bullets in it… Then in 30 days put the bullets in it. ….. Seeing that’s. the only difference that I see !!!! Well ok what your carrying in wont have to befastened shut (but mine wil be, knowing me )…

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