Support for gun control is plummeting from the post-Sandy Hook attack hysteria.

And the inverse is also true:  A growing number of Americans are embracing guns for their families for protection as evidenced by Americans going to gun shows (“Gun Shows Across the Nation Draw Record Crowds“) and stripping gun store shelves of guns and ammo (“The latest run on ammo leaves cops training with airsoft.”)

Back to the discussion on supporting gun control / rolling back our 2nd Amendment rights:

A whopping 97% of Americans supported gun control as some form of a priority for Congress in a mid-January poll conducted by the Washington Post.

Today, less than half of Americans support additional gun control, down from 61% in February.

Washington (USA Today) … a USA TODAY Poll finds support for a new gun-control law ebbing…

Americans are more narrowly divided on the issue than in recent months, and backing for a bill has slipped below 50%, the poll finds. By 49%-45%, those surveyed favor Congress passing a new gun-control law. In an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll in early April, 55% had backed a stricter gun law, which was down from 61% in February.

With Americans declining support for gun control come declining prospects for passage of further gun control.  It would seem gun control is dead, D-E-A-D at the national level.

Dems scramble to change the subject after collapse of gun control bill
(The Hill) – Democrats in Congress have quickly changed the subject from gun control to immigration reform and are relieved to be moving past an issue that divided them to more solid political ground.

The political momentum from the resounding victories of Election Day stalled earlier in the week when Republicans punched out all three pillars of Obama’s gun-control agenda.

…“I think Democrats are kind of licking their wounds after losing on the gun debate and will probably be pushing real hard to win on immigration,” said David Di Martino, a Democratic strategist.

If Democrats are admitting that Dems are licking their wounds over getting their butts spanked on gun control, it must have been bad and embarrassing.

The president, of course, gave America a temper tantrum following the Senate’s failure to pass new gun control last week.  He was angrier about the defeat of gun control than he was about the islamic terrorists who attacked the Boston Marathon.  …or the murder of our officials in Benghazi.  …or the lousy state of the economy.


Furthermore, I’d say that Americans aren’t going to be in favor of surrendering their rights when “the authorities” look like this:

I would think most Americans would be a damn sight pissed if some copper was pointing his AR-15 at them for no good reason.  “We’re searching for islamic terrorists” is not an acceptable reason.

…or this:

The above photo is making the rounds on the internet and purports to show cops conducting a warrantless search for the islamic terrorist Jokar the scumbag.  (spelling, capitalization intentional)

Oh yeah, and you probably also noticed that the islamic terrorists in Boston got their guns despite Massachusetts’ very strict gun control.


One thought on “Support for gun control measures continues to plummet”
  1. It only took *TWO* scumbags and a couple of bombs to let “the authorities” shut down a city of 7 million, trample their rights, and point loaded guns at innocent civilians (flagrant violation of Rule #1).

    Imagine what could happen when something bigger in scale than two islamic scumbags stir things up next time.

    And you think folks on the Freedom side of the equation are crazy to question the militarization of the police or increase governmental control and power?

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