Downstate Representative Jason Barickman is hosting Chicago Democrat Christian Mitchell to a couple of downstate meetings in an effort to let the Chicago representative better understand downstate issues on Monday, April 22 in Pontiac and Bloomington.

Christian Mitchell voted “no” on the “Shall Issue” vote on HB-997 last Thursday.

We can’t think of an issue downstate Illinois believes more important than Right-to-Carry.

We’re encouraging Guns Save Life members from the Pontiac/Bloomington area to turn out at one or both of these events to voice their enthusiasm for right-to-carry to this Chicago Democrat.


  • Chicago’s strict gun control is contributing to the violent crime there as nearby Aurora, Illinois’ second-largest city that has none of Chicago’s strict handgun laws, had ZERO homicides last year compared to Chicago’s 532.
  • 49 states have experienced reduced rates of murder and violent crime after passing carry laws.
  • Florida has one million active carry permits today and their firearms-related violent crime rate is a historic lows.  It’s not rocket science.
  • Give women the right to choose whether or not to carry self-defense tools.
  • Chicago residents have the most to gain by passing right to carry.  Surely Rep. Mitchell cares about his law-abiding constituents more than he cares about criminals, right?

Here’s the email announcement from Rep. Barickman:

As I’ve learned more about my colleagues in Springfield, it has become clear that I must take efforts to ensure that they understand the dynamics of our downstate communities.

I have invited a new member of the Illinois House of Representatives to join me in central Illinois on Monday. State Representative Christian Mitchell is a Democrat from the City of Chicago.  I?m excited to help him understand more about the issues we face in central Illinois.

You are invited to join us at two events this Monday, April 22nd.  At these events, you will be given an opportunity to visit with Rep. Mitchell and me, and raise questions or comments that you think are pertinent to state government.  Please note, there has been a change in the location for the Roundtable luncheon with the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce.  It has been moved from the Chamber to the Bank of Pontiac on Oak Street.

Roundtable with the Pontiac Area Chamber of Commerce
Bank of Pontiac, 103 N. Oak Street, Pontiac
Lunch provided with RSVP to: Margo Kennedy at 815-844-5131
12:00 P.M. (Noon) to 1:15 P.M.

Joint Town Hall with Sen. Barickman and Rep. Mitchell
Illinois State University, Schroeder Hall, Room 138
6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.

2 thoughts on “Call to action for Pontiac / Bloomington area gun owners…”
  1. What would his reactions be if someone started addressing the group to have his mike turned off? And over the same P.A. system, a voice would then inform him that he did not have a permit for public speaking. That he was free to speak in his home, as long as it was not public housing, or in his own business location is allowed. Other than that, he needed his ‘Public Speaking Permit’. We can not have people starting riots or insurrections, now can we? You are not trying to libel someone now, are you? You know that even with a ‘Public Speaking Permit’ you are limited to one hundred words. No one needs more than one hundred words. More than that is just to cause trouble.
    When you fill out your ‘Permit’ request, you must submit a copy of your speeches and allow local law enforcement to check that your computers are properly secured and the content of all storage devices for dangerous material.

    This may give him something he could relate to.

    1. I love it.

      Only sentences of 10 words or less are permitted as well (7 words or less if you’re in New York). Nobody really “needs” more than 7 or 10 words to get an idea across anyway, right?

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