Training and education about guns are shining the light of truth on ignorance and bigotry.

Mayor Bloomberg crying in his Big Gulp!  And President Obama is no doubt weeping tears on his prayer rug.



(Washington Post) – The failure of popular Senate gun proposals Wednesday affirmed — even in the wake of Newtown shootings — the rigidity of the politics on the issue.

Lost amid the debate is the fact that for the first time a majority of Americans say having a gun in the household makes it a safer place to be, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. By a wide 51 to 29 percent margin, more people say a gun in the house makes it safer rather than more dangerous.

This goes hand in hand with the other recent poll which found only 4% of Americans believe that a need for more gun control is the nation’s most pressing issue.

4% is, by definition, a fringe minority.

One thought on “Most Americans understand gun ownership makes your family safer”
  1. Makes you wonder. Where do they get the 90% of Americans support increased gun control? Where do they get the majority of sportsmen support gun registration? Where do they get more gun control will make it safer for our school children? Somebody is a lying fat mouth and that somebody is not the NRA.

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