Efforts by the politically correct crowd to divest Illinois pension funds of firearms companies failed today in another blow to those who eschew civilian ownership of guns.

HB1296 failed 46-69, proving in this instance that an overwhelming majority of Illinois House members understand that 1) divesting yourself of one of the only money-making industries in America today is just plain foolish and 2) making investment decisions based upon politics usually makes for poor returns.

That didn’t stop 46 low-information types from voting for it though.


2 thoughts on “PC FAIL again: Divestiture from gun companies fails in IL General Assembly”
  1. I listened to the debate on Livestream and it just amazes me how utterly stupid these Democrat Representatives act when it comes to common sense issues. There must be assistants that bring them to the House Chamber each day because they haven’t enough sense to find their own way.

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