We are going to get a vote in the Illinois House on HB997, the “shall issue” carry bill once supported by the NRA, ISRA and GSL.

Well, actually, there’s going to be an amendment put forth [today] that will be very similar to HB997.   There will be some minor changes but Todd Vandermyde believes we have to votes to get where we need to go [today].  It’s going to be close, so make those calls!

Prior amendments were offered, but not voted upon, and they will fall by the wayside.

ISRA has put out an email alert and we’ve heard from other sources as well.

Here’s the ISRA Alert.

HB 0997, the ISRA supported version of Concealed Carry will be coming up for a vote at any time. It is urgently important that you take action immediately.


1. Call your State Representative and politely inform them that you are a law-abiding Illinois firearm owner and that you want them to vote “YES” on HB0997.   If you do not know who your state representative is, the Illinois State Board of Elections has an interactive search page here:

If you know who your representative is, you can find their contact info here:

2. Politely inform your representative that you OPPOSE any bill that is a “MAY ISSUE”

3. Be sure to pass this alert on to your friends and family and ask them to make calls as well.

4. Be sure to post this alert to any and all Internet blogs and bulletin boards to which you belong.

A big thank you to all who made calls this morning on the amendment for HB831.  It did not pass, but could always get another amendment and get called again.

Your participation is making a difference!

10 thoughts on “We’re going to get a “shall issue” vote for Illinois TODAY UPDATED”
  1. Look at amendment 007. Am I reading this correctly? 40 hours of training (20 classroom and 20 live fire) in a State Police designed program to be taught only by State Police certified instructors?

  2. “Our concern is that HB-0997 has been cluttered with all sorts of Amendments last we knew, and unless those amendments have been removed or defeated, we’re not convinced 997 is a good bill any longer.”

    If you are concerned that it is not a good bill any longer, then why are you issuing this alert to all our reps and tell them to vote for it?

    Thanks for the heads-up though.

  3. I don’t really know the answer to that.

    I suspect that those amendments may die an untimely death tomorrow in an effort to get this thing passed.

    That’s why I mentioned “support the original language of HB-997” in the email alert.


  4. I remain steadfastly opposed to permission slips.
    After the way gun rights were disrespected today folks want to REWARD the DEMOCRAT Party with a 997 permission slip victory?

    Y’all wanna continue with support for preconditions and qualifications for inalienable rights? Y’all wanna own that like Obama and his crew own Obamacare and down the road be acting like Max Baucus was today? Fine. Go for it. Celebrate the “victory” that will be the Democrat campaign commercials about how they passed concealed carry in Illinois. And when folks get screwed by all the “rule making” that comes down the pike and it goes sour- folks supporting it in the gun advocacy groups will be subjected to their own written and stated support for it. They get the good PR and you get the flack after the fact. Kinda like today in the ILGA.

    I won’t be part if that. I won’t have to explain an ever changing position.
    NO BILLS! Nothing until after July 4th. Period
    997 is a mistake. Permission slips are a mistake. It’s a may issue in disguise with the controller of the ISP being arbiter. JUST LIKE THE FOID debacle today.

    Oppose ALL legislation! Let the clock tic off!

    1. We know, Ash.

      Unfortunately, you can marginalize yourself or you can be part of taking a big step forward in regaining some lost ground.

      Your choice.

    2. YOU DON’T NEED NO STEENKIN’ PERMISSION SLIP, DIMWIT! All ya gotta’ do is start carryin’, jus’ like the gang-bangers, thugs, an’ criminals do in Chi-tcago do, they don’t need no F’n-OID CARD, no permission slip/license or nuttin’, moron, why don’ ya’ jus’ show yer “solidarity” wit’ ’em, idjit, then ya’ won’ have anytin’ ta bellyache about!!! OH, …WAIT,…. THAT is what contributes to yer “happiness”, huh, moron? If yer not pissn’ n moanin’ you have no happiness, right?
      Go back to yer mommy in Wisconsin where they don’t need no steenkin’ “permission” slips! OH, …WAIT, ….THEY HAVE “PERMISSION” REQUIREMENTS UP THERE TOO, DON’T THEY!!!???


    1. The problem is you can get put in the slammer, tied up in court, and likely lose tens of thousands of dollars if you get picked up “carrying with a FOID card” while driving down 294. If you never leave the confines of a gun-friendly small town, good for you – but a whole lot of us would be screwed by patchwork home rule violations of our rights.

      Let’s just get a clean shall-issue w/ preemption!

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