(Washington Times) – President Obama angrily blamed the defeat Wednesday of his centerpiece gun-control proposal on lies spread by the National Rifle Association, calling it “a pretty shameful day for Washington.”

“The gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill,” Mr. Obama said in the White House rose garden about 90 minutes after the vote. “It came down to politics.”

When is ANYTHING you do not about politics, Mr. President?

…The president put the blame squarely on the NRA, which he accused of spreading falsehoods that the legislation would lead to a national gun registry.

“They claimed that it would create some sort of big-brother gun registry, even though it did the  opposite,” Mr. Obama said. “This pattern of spreading untruths … served a purpose…”

Where’s Joe Wilson when you need him?

Anytime the government gets a paper trail, it’s a registry.  Obama knows that.  After all, his supporters tell us he’s a very savvy man – indeed the smartest man in the room most of the time.


Back to our example of how government background checks equal a gun registry:

Here in Illinois, anytime a gun is purchased at a gun store, or a gun show, the federally licensed dealers call a Illinois State Police hotline to check on the validity of the FOID card of the purchaser.

Supposedly, there’s no “registration” of gun purchases, but here’s how the real world works.

Let’s say the Illinois State Police want to know what guns John Q. Public has.

They look up the ISP firearms transfer data for Mr. John Q., and from that they know which dealers made those inquiries.

Those dealers are then contacted by ISP and asked to send copies of the ATF “Form 4473” form to the ISP, where they get the make, model and serial number of the guns purchased.

By compiling a list of those purchased guns, suddenly the police have an inventory of all guns you’ve purchased.

So then they show up at your workplace after calling with some bravo sierra song and dance about seeing if you’re there or not (Oh, he applied for a mortgage and we’re wanting to make sure he still works there.  Is he there today?).

And they roll in like it’s America’s most wanted in three minivans, loaded with cops from Chicago, the ISP, and local cops.

All for a misdemeanor rap, at worst, of failing to maintain records if you sold any of the guns in the past ten years.

They bully you into letting them search your person, your car and your home.

All for a misdemeanor.

That’s how it happened to an employee of mine about ten years ago.

And to top it off, they were flirting with coming back to arrest me for fanny pack carry…

That’s when I sent the guy a short note.   Looking back on the archives, here it is!


Special Agent Willie Gartrell
2125 South First St.
Champaign, Illinois 61820

Dear Mr. Gartrell,

Mr. XXXXX has returned to our office today following the trip he took with you and your associates earlier in the day.

He mentioned that you were inquiring about the contents of my “pouch.”  When he mentioned that I was a member of the National Rifle Association, he says you had a little twinkle in your eye.

I have enclosed a couple of articles to help clarify what the contents of my Bianchi Fanny Pack might be.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at work… 351-2120.

Also, if you are curious or unsure of exact Illinois law with regard to firearms, please visit my website at for links to the appropriate State of Illinois websites.  I’m vice-chairman of Guns Save Life dot com, the folks hanging up those highway signs around Illinois that are seen by slightly over a half million people each day.

You’re welcome for the call about Mr. XXXXXX returning to our office.

Thanks for the opportunity to clarify any possible misunderstandings before they reach courthouses.



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  1. “We’re not going to take anybody’s guns away.”
    “You can keep your doctor and your medical insurance plan.”
    “Rates will go down…”
    “These measures will not increase the deficit one penny…”
    “I believe in American exceptionalism…”

    Please append YOUR favorite Barackism below.

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