If you were a low-information voter, you might think leftist, gun-grabbing political hacks wanting to take away your civil rights would be thrilled at the proposals in Connecticut – almost assured of passage, by the way –  as a huge victory in their efforts to recreate past tyrannies.

The paid director of Connecticut Against Gun Rights, er, something like that, announced that they will be back in later sessions to take away the few guns remaining for personal defense for Connecticut residents.

Don’t believe it?  See this in an AP story:

Ron Pinciaro, executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence, said his group will live with the lawmakers’ decision not to ban them as other states have done. He said the leaders made their decision based on what was politically feasible.

“We have to be satisfied. There are still other things that we want, we’ll be back for in later sessions,” he said. “But for now, it’s a good thing.”

3 thoughts on “Gun banners in Connecticut see proposal as merely a start…”
  1. …and the “other things they want” is a complete banning of private ownership of all firearms.

  2. This is the biggest problem with Hellers “in common use” bologna. The grabbers think that by cutting off supplies, new purchases, in time they can claim things are not in common use. Remember, gun grabbers are as patient as their Muslim terrorist brethren – they think long term. Each of their “bi partisan” DEALS is meant to set up the next step.

    That’s why the deal making has to STOP. if they threaten to do XYZ so be it. Male them DO IT! Just like here in Illinois. The THREAT of a hodgepodge of local mish mash should be called out strongly. Go for it. Create all those home rule bans just like Connecticut is doing at the state level. Then introduce all those home rule units to the 14th Amendment Selective Incorporation Doctrine, teaching each of them that ummm yeah, the Second Amendment applies to you too!

    I watched a “republican” champion this Connecticut gun grab today. He was saying how everyone can be proud of this legislation.
    Absolutely PATHETIC!

  3. Wow, CT insists designating open season on its’ kids. I wouldn’t want to raise my child in that state.

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