As seen on I-94 near the Wisconsin border.


19 thoughts on “Attention criminals, terrorists: Illinois disarmed for your convenience”
  1. Ahhh, Wisconsin where even an Illinoisan can carry openly without a permission slip.
    Just simple exercise of the right to bear arms unmolested (well almost).

    But you’d better turn yer headlights on thirty minutes before dusk and keep them on thirty minutes after dawn. You will be pulled over for that infraction.
    I know, it happened to me. Interestingly, LEO was unconcerned about me being armed.
    Nothing was ever said to me and I never said anything either.

    Pass 997 and I need multiple permissions in my adopted state but I go to visit Mom and I won’t need any permission at all. C’mon now. We can do better than that eh?

    Hey, we could put up a sign that says we don’t need permission slips at all you cheese heads! neeeener neeeener neeeeereeer. He he.

    1. Why don’t you just go back to mommie’s and then we wouldn’t have to read about your pissn’ n’ moanin’, and you’d be happy, and we would too!


    2. Illinois…where crime is well armed, well organized and well regulated (The biggest criminals hold the highest offices.)
      …citizens? not so much.

    3. Wow! DLM. I somehow now control what you read? Really.

      You wanna see who is pissing and moaning?
      Look in the mirror.

      Anytime I say something untrue, feel free to point it out and correct me. Or just shoot continue to try to shoot the messenger cuz you don’t like the message. It’s your choice. Feel free to attack the guy standing tall for the Second Amendment and against infringement and abridgement of it. I love it when true colors shine through. Yours are quite bright…..

    4. You are feelin’ all “high and mighty” this evening, huh? You don’t control what I read, it is just that you think you have to post on all articles and piss-n’-moan” on most of them with the same ol’ diatribe, ….it gets old, dimwit. Take a break, go visit yer mommie where you will feel loved and can take yer gun outta yer pants and play with it.

      We all do what we can against the “National Socialist” wing of the democrat party centered in Chicago here in Illinois, and thank God we are not dealing with the socio-commies in New York and Conneticut. Polit-o-crats such as littleDick Durbin only listen to those he agrees with, many of the letters/e-mails I send him are ignored or he makes it a point to say he does not agree with my views. So be it, I do what I can to try to get someone in office to take his place, …but the low-no-information voters in/around Chicago put him back in every time.


  2. Perhaps the Northern GSL group could put up a sign for WI people risking a southbound trip. Remind them that they are leaving their Constitution behind at the state line.

    1. When you leave WI
      It’s not the gun
      You’ve left behind
      It’s the constitution

    2. Now entering Illinois, where a higher percentage of governors go to prison than criminals.

  3. DLM, call me some more names, please.
    Project the “diatribe” some more. Show them two colors all day long.
    What is it “commies” try to do? Oh yeah, they try to control other people, through force mostly and attempted bullying is part of that.

    Bully and belittle people all you like,DLM. Just don’t be surprised when folks fight back.
    Troll away, DLM. Whatever floats yer boat.

    Meanwhile, ill get back to advocating for the Second Amendment here on GSL and elsewhere.

    1. Good for You Ashrak!

      Don’t fall for their PC BS and DON’T SHUT UP!

      There’s a 1st Amendment the arsewipes don’t respect either.

    1. No; it really exists.
      Or do you mean it can’t be real because some state minion hasn’t approved its posting?
      What it says certainly isn’t fake either.

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