So, under Barack Hussein Obama, and his predecessor, the U.S. Southern Border has been nearly wide open for illegal aliens and worse to come into America unmolested.

Now, Mexican drug cartels have set up shop in America.

And they aren’t playing nice.

Drug cartel hit men are suspected of assassinating a Texas District Attorney in recent days, along with his wife.  The message, according to experts?

“No one is safe, no one is beyond our reach. We will kill you and your loved ones. We are in control here.”

It’s time Americans take back our nation from illegal aliens and the drug cartels before America becomes a first-world version of the third-world septic tank which is northern Mexico.

Texas Slaying First Time in History Wife of U.S. Prosecutor Has Been Targeted

(Breitbart) – For the first time in history, the wife of a United States prosecutor was murdered along with her husband when Texas District Attorney Mike and Cynthia McClelland were found shot to death last Saturday in their home.

While the motive for the apparent and unprecedented assassinations are still unknown, authorities suspect Mexican drug cartels and their associates that are escalating and infiltrating major cities in the United States were behind the apparent executions.

As Breitbart News reported, some in the national security community believe the reported murders, especially since McClelland’s wife was also gunned down, are bold and darings acts of escalation by various drug cartels and groups who may be associated with them.

A “national security expert who has spent several years in intelligence gathering operations around the Mexican drug cartels’ criminal insurgency into the continental United States” commented to Breitbart News that, “this assassination of DA McClellend and his wife is meant to send a message: no one is safe, no one is beyond our reach. We will kill you and your loved ones. We are in control here.”

8 thoughts on “Mexican drug cartels suspected in Texas DA assassinations”
  1. Hey! Using that middle name is RACIST!
    You are being anti immigrant. That’s Racist too!

    We have to get the guns off the street!!
    We’ve got to end our appetite for the drugs. It’s OUR fault the cartels exist because Americans are druggies.

    It’s your fault these law enforcement officers were killed!
    If it wasn’t for you and your racism and slavery and blocking of common sense and comprehensive gun control none of this could have happened. It’s the rich evil corporations acting like sharecroppers causing all this. It’s white privilege!
    You are unchristian racists! Guns must be banned.
    We need more gun control laws!

    (We need the social justice of progressivism talking points to be represented here, right?)

    1. Guns Will NEVER be OFF the Street with Educated Criminals Especially Illegals

      WAKE UP

    2. Guns Will NEVER be OFF the Street with Criminals Especially Illegals

      WAKE UP

  2. I heard of this theory of the Mex drug cartels being behind these killings but now the lamestream and apparently the equally corrupt soetor0bama admin. are trying to blame it on “white supremesists” with the “masterminds” behind bars (in prison). Time will tell what is true, no matter what, even the (few) libiots in Texas are suggesting that all go armed for self-defense.


    1. DLM, of course it has to be “white supremacists”.
      Wait until Chicago sees innocent people carrying and shooting back. The non reported black on black and and brown on brown (and mixes of the two) crime will be replaced with wall to wall white shootings of downtrodden minorities. It’s only a matter of time.

  3. hey Ashrak you aint got no guns huh, when they come to kill you tell them what you said it will be ok im sure of it bye.

    1. Hey Russ, I was just playing man. Of course I have guns. Ill be sure to add a /sarcasm tag from now on. I thought the (note) and the lolz would cover that but I guess I was wrong. My apologies.

  4. Guns Will NEVER be OFF the Street with Criminals, Especially Illegals


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