Connecticut’s political hacks have unveiled their “comprehensive” plans to render its citizens less safe from violent crime today.

Not a single one of the proposals would have prevented the Sandy Hook glory killings by a mental deranged, evil man.  But they make low-information voters “feel” better, we suppose.

We won’t even cover just how comprehensive these bills are, other than to say if we lived in Connecticut, we would be leaving right away should these bills pass.

And, we might add, should they pass, we will never knowingly  spend another dollar with a company in Connecticut.  We will never visit Connecticut and spend a dollar into their economy.

Yes, that applies to Colt and any other companies in Connecticut.

Still no mention on Connecticut politicians clamoring for a requirement for ID to vote though…



4 thoughts on “Connecticut pols proudly unveil their gun grab plan”
  1. So Colt wouldn’t get off their behinds and join the movement to apply the same rules to LEO’s that apply to us common folk in states they service.

    Now that they’re getting screwed in their home state, think they might just take a good hard look at what’s going down across the country? It’s all out war against our gun rights … and if you wait until they’ve banned you out of existence, it’s too late!

    (Glad I have a LaRue on order and not a Colt!)

  2. I read somewhere, maybe on GSL, that Colt would consider moving out of the “Nutcase”, I mean “Nutmeg” state if more gun control laws came to the fore.

  3. Colt not only refused to stop sellling to LEO’s they also supported the 1968 GCA.
    I remember Aaron Zelman telling me how Colt used the 68GCA because it banned the importation of firearms that competed with some of their products.
    Colt at one time thought they were immune to gun control because of their massive Government contracts.
    Now their being bitten as well!

  4. At least in part, then and now, the NRA supports the GCA.
    Every time in history that gun rights grabs have been accomplished, the NRA has been right there wheeling and dealing. Hence the Negotiating Rights Away land No Rights Allowed labels. How much truth does that bear? Well, there comes a time when the dealing just is what it is. A willful acceptance of infringement based on “it could be worse”.

    Folks should take note that its getting worse and worse and worse. The “dealing” is being taken as weakness. While straight up fighting back in the courts is producing tangible positive results. Sorry but the NRA ain’t leading the way on that front. More like coming along kicking and screaming. Kinda looks like COLT ain’t even doing that much.

    Sad it is. For if the “big boys” would just say “enough is enough” and “no more deals” joining the others who are saying those things far more would be accomplished to regain Rights that were so taken for granted they were submitted.

    Colt looking out for Colt, like the NRA looking out for the NRA, is all fine and dandy. After all they are private groups with their own rights and that is to be respected. However, accountability is due for choices made and its time to tell the truth about those choices – as uncomfortable as those truths may be.

    Companies like cheaper than dirt and magpul recognized the reality and danger of playing both ends against the middle. I hope colt, and the NRA too, will recognize it too.
    United we stand. We are falling because of division. In order to end division those doing so must be truthfully identified. Pretty clear who’s taking the wrong path these days and its not the courageous groups standing tall in the LEO refusal movement…..

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