If you never go to Buffalo Wild Wings, it’s probably too soon.

At least until they strike their corporate policy against guns in their stores.


How serious are they about this policy?

Serious enough to ask eight on-duty, plain-clothes police officers to leave their restaurant in Manassas, VA because their guns were visible.  It didn’t matter their badges were also plainly visible.

It wasn’t until news of the ejection of the police officers swept social media outlets and the restaurant was taking all sorts of condemnation from regular Americans did the restaurant manager step in and claim it was all just a “huge misunderstanding”.

Yeah, right.

They just got caught this time.

MANASSAS, VA (Manassas Patch) — Eight police officers were refused service at Buffalo Wild Wings on Wednesday, apparently because they had their weapons displayed.

The Prince William County Police officers were on duty, but were in plain clothes, said Daryl LaClair, a Prince William County resident who wrote a letter to the restaurant chain’s headquarters and started a public awareness campaign regarding the incident.

The group walked into the Buffalo Wild Wings located near Wellington Road and Market Street, but were refused service by an employee who said they had to secure the guns before they would be served.

The officers had their badges displayed but still weren’t served.





10 thoughts on “Buffalo Wild Wings: *Extremely* anti-gun; refuses to serve police officers because of guns”
  1. First, it’s nice that the “only ones” law enforcers got a taste of what the rest of us have to deal with…

    Second, there’s no significant difference between a badged law enforcement officer and a person with a concealed carry permit (photo, fingerprint, background investigation) except the CCP holder is statistically likely to be a better shot than the uniformed or plainclothes officer…at least in most major cities…and because he/she knows he’s not immune from lawsuits, a CCP holder is more likely to be concerned about not endangering bystanders than a badged officer…who will likely be exonerated if he happens to hit a bystander while trying to drop a perp.

    1. When we (LEO’s) are on duty, we are REQUIRED to be armed at all times; plain clothes or not. Secondly, we are not immune from lawsuits at all. We get sued all the damn time, regardless of the reason.
      Third, We are extremely worried about the bystanders if there were shots fired in an incident. Depending on the bystanders and the situation will dictate whether or not I squeeze the trigger.
      Fourth, If I draw my service weapon, shoot the perpetrator and a few of my rounds miss and hit an innocent person; You bet I’m getting sued by someone.

      We Law Enforcement officers are not exempt from anything. We have to follow the Law just like CCW Permit Holders do.

    2. Where do you live where law enforcement officer are immune from lawsuits? Get an education most CCW classes require very little hands on shooting training, mostly law shit, so the better shot statement is ignorance.Before you piss on law enforcement you should know as a group rank and file leos are staunch supporters of the 2nd amendment and concealed carry.

    1. If you come to a Guns Save Life meeting, you can get some “No Guns = No Money” cards. As you’re walking by BWW to get to someplace else, stop by and hand one to the manager.

  2. I’m kind torn on this one. Gun free zone SHOULD mean gun free. I like when cops are treated as equals. They are after all just men and women. I submit that these officers just got served and they didn’t like it. Join the club folks. That’s how WE feel when treated with this idiocy. And let’s be clear- private businesses have the right to deny entry to armed people. We HAVE to respect that RIGHT.

    On the other hand, pure idiocy is demonstrated when even those trusted with arrest power are denied access. It’s like saying “we are being robbed at gun point and we want police to come resolve this dilemma but they must do so unarmed because this is a gun free zone.” That’s just stupid. But let’s remember that even officers are not to be granted a title of nobility.

    Should BWW be hammered? Sure. But if they say no guns then it has to mean no guns period.

    As for the only ones argument, I appreciate that some cops take their carrying seriously. As demonstrated above. However can you say “Dorner”? Lets be honest, not all cops are saints. Some are downright dangerous. And it isn’t the cops who pay when sued. Overwhelmingly it’s TAXPAYERS who pay the bill.
    Forced Training fingerprinting and permission slips solve nothing. It’s all a false sense of security that some make money on. We have to point to personal responsibility- for all of us.

  3. I am amazed at the Police haters here! I’ve been handling guns for well over 40 years and know a thing or two. I have graduated a Law Enforcement firearms training course and been certified as a Firearms instructor. I know my way around guns and am well versed in “shoot, don’t shoot”. The idea that the average civilian who has graduated a CCL course only has more “gun savvy” than the average full time law enforcement officer is ridiculous. While I am a strong proponent of the Second Amendment and the right to carry; I very well know that the police only arrive after the crime has been committed, but after I have protected my self and family, I’ll continue to “call a cop” before “call a neighbor”. In my opinion, any one who does not value and support his local law enforcement has rocks in his head and I question his mental capacity for carrying anything stronger than a roll of nickels. The Thin Blue Line may not be the ultimate solution, but I am damned glad they are there!

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