Unit cost averaging
by Oleg Volk    

When the cost of guns increases, buy ammo. When ammo is too expensive, buy training. When you can’t afford training, invest in practice. If you can’t afford range time, have no ammo, practice trigger control and getting into firing positions. If that’s not possible for some reason, put your time into physical exercise. That rifle will feel lighter and your heart rate would be low enough to permit accurate fire after a hundred yard dash.

Most of us have the “first world problem” — too much gear, less skill and even less practice with that skill. If you have skills and practice, teach them to others. Or practice working as a team with others. Not being able to get ammo is not an excuse to neglect the other component of making yourself into an effective fighter.


2 thoughts on “OLEG VOLK: Skills and practice don’t have to be expensive”
  1. As the local Circuit Court of Appeals has decided that my state is one big “sensitive place” outside the front door (to extend Heller to a extreme position) to carry your arms even openly, the state lawmakers about to impose worsening conditions and excessive qualifications on the commercial sale of arms, and ammo way too expensive for continual purchase as an expendable commodity, perhaps one should invest into something like LaserLyte for most self-training. Any thoughts about that?

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