The Chicago Democratic “Machine”.

The people who have brought slums and urban despair to Chicagoland.

The people who brought strict gun control to keep the population defenseless against criminal attack – and kept the people reliant upon government instead of themselves for their own safety and well-being.

The people who keep local residents on the gun control plantation, scaring them from exercising their rights.

One man, Paul McKinley, is running a campaign against the Chicago Democratic “Machine” and he’s released a powerful ad well worth watching.

His mission is to turn things around for Chicago so it doesn’t become nationally-known as the next Detroit.

Here’s the video.



5 thoughts on “Paul McKinley hits the Chicago “Machine” where it counts”
  1. I hear that Mr. McKinley has spent time in prison. I firmly believe that people can turn their lives around. Is there any evidence that he has done so?

    He does have a couple of interesting interviews with CPAC and the NRA on his campaign web site.

    1. Yes, he’s a felon.

      But as you say, people can turn their lives around.

      He’s got my support.


  2. Bloomberg is spending his money on the other guy, that alone tells me all I need to know.

    1. As a church volunteer for a chaplain at an FCI aka federal corrections institute, I got to know many inmates who were of course now convicted feons. Many of them were decent guys who made serious stupid mistakes who now want to change their lives around. This guy sounds like one who did and now has changed. Plus anyone fight the Machine deserves a lot of support.

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