How pathetic was it?

It took us a week to hear about it.


These are the same people who employed similar tactics against nuclear weapons back in the 80s.

Oct. 1983 in Columbus, OH.


These fringe leftists believe if we just surrender all our weapons, the world will be a happy utopia.

They forget (or skipped school) on the days when they should have been in history class paying attention.

They advocate for disarming the meek.

Every time gun control is tried, violent crime increases.

Just look at Chicago…

One thought on “PATHETIC: 20 fringe leftists seek to recreate past tyrannies in Daley Plaza last week”
  1. And these are the folks far too many claim we should make a deal with.
    Heck, in large measure the folks deals have already been made with.

    NO DEALS! Full rights, for everyone. No permission slips and no arbitrary qualifiers.
    No poll taxes and no trades of sime rights for others.

    Stand and fight instead of bowing begging and dealing.

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