Rep. Yvonne Davis.

Why is it some people can’t help but open their mouths to confirm everyone’s suspicions?

Democrat Rep. Yvonne Davis, serving the low information voters in Dallas, TX, has proposed a new law to have the federal government remove the highest elected official of any county who refuses to genuflect to the federal government’s supposed “authority”.

Law would fire sheriffs for defying gun control measures

(Washington Examiner) – Supporters of the 380 sheriffs in 15 states who so far have vowed to defy new state and federal gun control laws claim that legislation is starting to pop up around the nation to fire any state elected or appointed law enforcement official who doesn’t obey federal orders.

The first effort emerged in Texas. Legislation proposed by Dallas Democratic Rep. Yvonne Davis would remove any sheriff or law enforcement officer who refuses to enforce state or federal laws.

What’s more, it would remove any elected or appointed law enforcement officer for simply stating or signing any document stating that they will not obey federal orders.

A gun lobbyist told Secrets, “Beware because once something like this is introduced in one state, it will be followed very quickly in several other states.”

Supporting my local sheriff may take on a whole new connotation if this bill were to pass.

Seems Rep. Davis must have been distracted in civics class as a child.

From WikiIn the United States, a sheriff is generally, but not always, the highest law enforcement officer of a county.



8 thoughts on ““Support your local sheriff” may take a whole new meaning if this low-information Rep. has her way”
  1. Wait………….!

    Didn’t we laugh at the notion of O’Blowmecare when introduced?

    Hmm. You laugh now, but wait……it may become law.

  2. Great can we use this law to remove mayors & state officials that refuse to enforce immigration laws as well?

  3. How about if we use this kind of law to remove eric holder (as well as barry hussein soetero himself), after all holder has been “selective”, to say the least, about enforcing our national laws, …..”Fast & Furious”, immigration, voter intimidation by the NBP in Philidelphia ….if only ….


    1. …..but wait, …isn’t that “derelection of duty”, or malfeasment in/of office”, or something like that?

  4. Great, so not we can put some teeth into illegal immigration that the left has no stomach for. Marijuana is illegal under federal law even if some states don’t like it. Maybe we should pass a law requiring Obama, Holder, Napolitano and other feds to uphold the laws or remove them. Are local police required to enforce fed law? Isn’t that the responsibility of federal law enforcement?

  5. This law could also be used to remove Obama himself and others who refuse to deport illegals and enforce the constitution, but you know it would never be used like it should like all other laws that are ignored by the left and only used to punish the normal law abiding citizens.

    I use to be called a citizen, a taxpayer and a veteran, and after the last election they started calling me a gun nut.
    SO BE IT.

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