More from Dan Hull, the guy who sent us an angry missive a while back that was a big hit with our readers.

We thought he waved the white flag about a week afterwards.

He sends more love after his missive last week.

At least he’s not accusing me of selective cut and pasting any longer…

Screed #1:

John, WOW! The tsunami of hostility, name calling and dime store psycho analysis was again overwhelming. But DLM did offer a valid and sobering thought. Behind all the statistics used by both sides are real people who have died or been injured. So this should be a cautionary tale for both sides. DLM you don’t know me well enough to offer an opinion on my mental health and besides the last time I suggested an in-depth background check to eliminate people with mental health issues I was told by your side that mental health was not your problemo. Right, John? I am no better or worse than you in offering my opinions as there is no higher moral ground on either side. We have all lost a piece of our humanity in this debate and diminished ourselves in the eyes of God. We have now played another episode of THE GUN RHETORIC GAME where neither side wins but the door prizes we go home to live with are SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS  and PARANOIA. Thanks for playing!                                       Two items for the record for once and all time; 1) I DO NOT HATE ANYONE ON YOUR SIDE DESPITE WHAT HAS BEEN SAID TO ME. Unless I get to know you and then form an opinion. 2) When this conceal carry law gets passed , as it will, I sincerely hope they have to be trained by people like you, John, before they throw a gun in their pocket. Now you can get out another picture of someone with a white flag and claim another win for your side. All of you have a peaceful and safe life!


Screed #2:

   John, I noticed that you didn’t post my last e-mail answer to DLM. Censorship? How government like. Your blurb on the t-shirt was funny! But you have to upgrade your put downs as you use the leg piddling one to much. Did you have a problem with this and got teased so you use it all the time? I have never been afraid of a picture or a saying on a shirt. Have you?

When did I call you a racist redneck homophobe? You said were married couldn’t handle a long term committed relationship? As a business owner do you pay a decent living wage to your employees? Do you supply decent medical benefits? Or do you have them depend on public healthcare and then  complain about taxes? If you tell me the name of your company I can have the Central Illinois Teamsters Organizing committee stop by. Let me know.

I sleep very well at night because in the town where I live over the last thirty years there was 6 homicides and 1 home invasion, but that was people after drugs they knew were there. Now since I know you live in Central Illinois I know you cannot say that. This is why you cower at night inside your home holding a gun to keep the bad guys out. You’re the one who has problems sleeping obviously. Of course if I lived in the crystal meth manufacturing and use capital of the United States maybe I would be worried too. Maybe if your organization put more energy into eradicating this scourge by working with local police you wouldn’t have to be so fearful. The easy remedy would be to move rather than buy more guns so you could feel safe.

As to needing you to protect my family what a joke! What are you a comic book costumed vigilante of some type? I would be more worried about protecting them from you if you lived near me. Especially if we came to know each other because isn’t it true that over 70% of the people who are murdered or injured by gunfire KNOW their assailant? So much for the myth of roving, marauding gangbangers using illegal weapons attacking innocents where they live. Does this happen sometimes? Sadly, YES it does but not to the extent you portray. Going along with this I am not now or ever have been a lesser or inferior man to the likes of you. I am not the one who judges his self worth by the size of my weapons arsenal as you are. I judge my self worth by asking myself did I do everything in my life according to God’s commandments and did I do the best I could do this day for my family and all who I met and interacted with. This is what I taught to all the kids I coached over many years. Who by the way still keep in contact. If I was the person you portray me to be this would not happen. So this time I am really done with you.           Amazingly, I still hope God keeps you safe.


I’m going to go play with the ferrets in the snow.

It’s a better use of my time and energy than to lead this donkey to water again.

11 thoughts on “More love from Dan Hull…”
  1. ferrets are more intelligent than this guy anyway, and are certainly a lot more fun to watch play in the snow.

  2. The Teamsters reference appears to be a threat. Careful Dan, you may be committing a crime. “Sending threatening emails or messages through the Internet using instant messages or other means is a federal crime in the U.S. Statute 18 U.S.C. § 875(c).”
    According to advice concerning threatening emails, “Take email threats seriously. Senders can be mentally unstable or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or other unknown factors may be at play. It is better to take a threat seriously and have no outcome than to ignore it and find yourself in trouble later.”

  3. Mr Hull, how about just admitting that you were misled to a position of failure and take this as a learning experience. We have a right to our guns and to carry them and its good you seem now to accept that. You will soon witness first hand that so much of what you were taught and then parroted is simply hogwash. Now that you appear to accept that old ways of gun control are dead, might you be willing to take another step?

    Might you be willing to accept that no more require government training and permission to carry my bible than I do to carry my firearm? Are you finally wiling to see that government authority over one right is the same as power over another? Or will you hold firm on training and permission slips to the point you find yourself asking, begging, government for permission to write letters to GSL?

  4. What an egomaniac!!! He thinks he can speak for God!! What makes him think he has the right to speak on behalf of the Almighty. Blasphemer!

  5. Wow, indeed, John, to be “honored” with a full letter in response to a dim-wit gun-hater, ….I think NOT!

    Dan Hull is apparently suddenly “concerned” with the innocents killed (accidently or otherwise) and then used in “statistics” by “both sides”?!?! It is ALWAYS the “National Socialist” polit-o-crats and their rabid followers that stack up the coffins of innocents for props to furthur their gun-grab/hate agenda. Statistics used by those who promote freedom and the lawful exercise of their Second Amendment Rights portray the use of defensive firearms, often without firing a shot, show that crime can be reduced by defence of the innocent with lawful use of arms. Those shot/killed in the performance of their crimes are not “innocent” and deserve whatever harm they suffer as a result.

    Dan Hull,
    You are right, I do not know you (and do not care to) other than through your mentally deficient diatribe, but it is obvious you should not be allowed to possess or use a firearm given your mental incapacity. John B. was right, mental health is not our “problemo”, it is up to competent psychiatrists to treat, but those who sneak through the holes in the mental health “systems” and use a firearm to destroy innocence can be stopped with a “good guy with a gun”, no matter if they are a LEO or a Right to Carry (concealed or otherwise) citizen. It is YOU, Dan Hull, that has “lost his humanity” when you try to portray those who would carry firearms in defense of self and family as the “bad guys” and those who would remove those abilities as the “good guys”. Diane Feinstein and all her polit-o-crat “cronies” swore an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic” as part of their “oath of office”. They then pick and choose which of the “Bill of Rights” to undermine. Diane Feinstein et. al. are despicable examples of humanity and you, sir, are just as despicable for your support of their policies. Tyrants all and treasonous!

    The Second Amendment is one of the basic laws of our great country, endowed by our creator and enumerated in our foundational documents, those who would try to “infringe” upon those ‘Rights’ are committing treason, ESPECIALLY if, as a sworn-in servant of “the People”, they try to eliminate those “Rights”. The “higher moral ground” belongs on the side of those “supporting and defending” Constitutional Rights. There is a process to change the Constitution, Bill, you should encourage YOUR representatives to persue those avenues rather than try to subvert our enumerated Rights. It will never happen! You will never have the votes and it would never get through the States! There are many countries that have severe firearms restrictions, I propose you and your ILK move there and enjoy the communism! I am sure we can get a donation for your one-way ticket (preferably in a leaky boat, to conserve funds).


    1. Don’t you see the entertainment value? Plus, letting these kinds of fools spew their incoherent blather shows better than anything their ignorance and bigotry! Besides, it is an easy “home run” out of the ballpark and it frustrates them to no end! :o) haha!


  6. Did you tell Hull you pay your employees fair and decent wages? At least the ones that took their education seriously, and learned a skill or marketable trade that your business needs in order to operate, and that on turn offers customers a product or service that they are willing to pay for, at a price that leaves a fair profit for your company to be able to pay a ‘living’ fair and decent wage? I mean, McDonalds could offer a decent ‘living’ wage to hamburger slingers. But only if the customer wants to pay 10.00 for a single cheeseburger.

    1. Becky,
      It is not any of Dan Hull’s business if John B. “pays a decent living wage to his employees, (if he has any) or if he supplies decent medical benefits”. He does not have to “answer” to Dan Hull for anything, unless he wants to. Dan Hull is just being a jerk trying to act “high and mighty” to disguise his ineptitude, typical LIBIOT, trying to change the subject and make himself sound “smarter” than he is.


  7. Dan is a taker. We on this side are givers. Dan demands respect. We understand that respect is earned. Dan covets. We defend. Dan expects. We reject. Folks like Dan spend enouous effort trying to force others to do this or that. We spend our resources actually doing it. Dan can leach and preach but his stomachs as empty as his soul in the end.
    Dan is one of those crying to be rescued by another after dismissing warnings to evacuate. Dan is one of those dumpster diving in three days looking for food after being warned to stock up for weeks. Dan demands others do what he will not himself do.

    Dan thinks he knows but he really doesn’t. Dan shows us all who he is and what he believes and blames everyone else who point out to him the errors of his own ways displayed. Dan stand against equality and freedom. He demands his rights be protected and rights of others denied and destroyed. Dan is a typical hypocritical progressive who doesn’t see the forest through the trees.

    I say again- this the kind if people in office that some say we should make “deals” with. Their intentions are clear. NO DEALS! Dan and his ilk exemplify the enemy within. Any deal is a deal with the devil. There is no such thing as a “good” deal with the devil.

  8. Just got around to reading Dan’s missives.

    ” If you tell me the name of your company I can have the Central Illinois Teamsters Organizing committee stop by. Let me know.”

    GSL Defense Training, LLC.

    You can send them to 1605 N. Willis in Champaign. I’ll be here all day.

    And tomorrow and the day after that.


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