The headline from the Chicago Sun-Times last week.

Between this and the gun control in Chicago, it’s no wonder they have 530+ homicides each year.

3 thoughts on “Chicago’s criminal no-snitch code & gun control make for violence place”
  1. Blaming guns for the behavior of a group of people is senseless. There is a strata of black culture that embraces this sort of lifestyle, that every disagreement or insult must be answered with a gunfight. If every gun on the planet were eliminated, these SAME people would be hacking each other up by some other means. It’s not the gun but the lost soul behind it with no sense of right or wrong that needs to be controlled. And the dirty truth is that as long as these idiots are killing one another, the rest of the world could care less until its a little kid, or some pretty girl. The fact that no one is surprised at who creates this mess is the soft bigotry of low expectations. Nobody is fooled. We can see that this is for the most part a lower class black problem, but no one dare say it. RACIST they shout! Really? Calling me a racist stops the killing exactly how? We are now in a time where telling the truth IS a revolutionary act.

  2. Illinois members of Bloombergs’ “Mayors Against Guns”.

    Mayor Larry Hartwig
    Addison, IL
    Mayor Arlene J. Mulder
    Arlington Heights, IL
    Mayor Joel Fritzler
    Carbondale, IL
    Mayor Rahm Emanuel
    Chicago, IL
    Mayor Kris Povlsen
    DeKalb, IL
    Mayor Harriet Rosenthal
    Deerfield, IL
    Mayor Teresa Kernc
    Diamond, IL
    Mayor Thomas A. Brown
    East Hazel Crest, IL
    Mayor Alvin L. Parks Jr.
    East St. Louis, IL
    Mayor David J. Kaptain
    Elgin, IL
    Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl
    Evanston, IL
    Mayor Michael Howley
    Hickory Hills, IL
    Mayor Joseph T. Tamburino
    Hillside, IL
    Mayor Gerald C. Turry
    Lincolnwood, IL
    Mayor Joseph J. Broda
    Lisle, IL
    Mayor Eugene “Gene” Williams
    Lynwood, IL
    Mayor Henderson Yarbrough Sr.
    Maywood, IL
    Mayor Ronald M. Serpico
    Melrose Park, IL
    Mayor Christopher Koos
    Normal, IL
    Mayor Leon Rockingham
    North Chicago, IL
    Mayor Kyle R. Hastings
    Orland Hills, IL
    Mayor Robert S. Straz
    Palos Heights, IL
    Mayor Gerald R. Bennett
    Palos Hills, IL
    Mayor Greg Marston
    Pingree Grove, IL
    Mayor Lawrence Morrissey
    Rockford, IL
    Mayor George Van Dusen
    Skokie, IL
    Mayor Don A. DeGraff
    South Holland, IL
    Mayor Beniamino Mazzulla
    Stone Park, IL
    Mayor Laurel Lunt Prussing
    Urbana, IL
    Mayor Robert Sabonjian
    Waukegan, IL
    Mayor Sam D. Pulia
    Westchester, IL

  3. Bloombergs advertising buy is a 12 million dollar EPIC FAIL.
    It proves beyond any doubt that the loudest proponents of gun control don’t know the first thing about guns or gun safety. The pro rights ads should BE this very commercial pointing out every violation of the RULES that we ALREADY live by- finger in the trigger being mber one display if idiocy.

    These are the people telling US how to be safe?
    Really? Hilariously EPIC FAIL!

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