We found this post today at Second City Cop, where one of their readers wrote in about a very unpleasant experience they had, which is on par with others we’ve read about of late:

I was just at Mega Sports in Plainfield. I live just inside the Cook County border and Mega sports is the best gun store/range within a reasonable distance from my house. So I’m at the counter on Sunday and want to take a look at a Daniel Defense AR-15. When they do the obligatory FOID card check, the guy behind the counter asks what county I live in which they had never done before. I say Cook County, and he tells me they are prohibited from selling me any semi-auto rifle (in Libtard-speak = assault weapon). I ask why, and he says there is a Cook County law/ordinance that prohibits them from making the sale. Being well versed on the 2nd Amendment issues and laws, I tell him there is no such law that prohibits the sale of any otherwise legal firearm to a Cook County resident. I explain that even if Cook County prohibited possession of a certain firearm, I am nevertheless permitted to buy the gun and keep it outside of Cook County (which I did for numerous years with my 92FS Beretta while living in Chicago). He then backtracks and says it’s a new store policy dictated by the owner. When I ask for the reasoning behind this new policy, he has no further information but snidely says I can still hold the rifle, but cannot make the purchase.

Now my B.S. antennae are up because I sensed that other things were off in the store, namely that they “carded” me when I walked in the front door meaning I had to show a FOID to walk inside which never happened on prior visits. There was also a camera next to the “doorman” taking photos of everyone coming in, which I think is new but may have not noticed on prior visits. There were also numerous signs prohibiting all cell-phone use, even in the bathroom, which was never prohibited in the past because I had used my cell on my last Glock purchase not 3 months ago to consult with my brother right at the counter prior to making my purchase.


This is just one of a flurry of harshly critical posts about MegaSports in Plainfield we’ve read in the past few months.  MegaSports is a large gun store in Chicagoland with an indoor range and they used to be a great place to buy guns.  Heck, they used to even be a regular advertiser in GunNews.

Times have a-changed though.

Today, they seem personify obnoxiousness more than helpfulness.

First of all, they demand to see a FOID card to be admitted, and then only on the “right” days of the week as some other days are “only” for pickup of previously purchased guns.  No cell phone usage is permitted (some say they are worried about price checking).  The list of their annoying and customer-unfriendly store policies goes on an on.

Perhaps most troublesome is their store policy that they won’t even sell America’s favorite rifle to you if you don’t live in the right zip code.  Surely the Brady Campaign would commend them for not selling rifles to otherwise eligible individuals.

If you like them, great.  Vote with your wallet.

We’re not impressed.  We won’t be spending a dime with them.

8 thoughts on “MEGASPORTS: With friends like these, who needs the Brady campaign”
  1. I’m generally inclined to support brick-and-mortar local stores, even when their prices are a *bit* higher than an online dealer plus a kitchen table FFL transfer. Heck, I recommend to my students and new gun owners that for at least their first purchase, they do the same.

    But with practices like these … I’m hard pressed to talk anybody out of getting a deal online and finding a local FFL to do the transfer. Crappy customer service and bad business practices shouldn’t be tolerated in any business, even if that means driving an hour to a different store!

  2. I live a few miles from Mega Sports I have gone there several times and have used their range. I have given up doing any business with them.
    There is a great place, J R Shooting Sports, 519 N Oakhurst Dr, Aurora, IL 60502. It is 20 miles each way. I have found them to be friendly and helpful to me. Their range is very nice and well maintained. I am only a customer of theirs. I do like this place. You make ypur own choice.

  3. Check out the Gun Doctor in Roselle, IL. Excellent service, great gunsmith on site. Great FFL transfer service.

  4. Mega Sports is a rip-off, plain and simple. Their range prices are obnoxious and the firearms they sell can be had for lower prices at a variety of dealers in the area. Don’t waste your time there.

  5. Amazing, no? Do they sell other things besides guns and related gear?

    Eventually, in retail, unless you’re really really a monopoly, …if you harass and BS your customers enough and set arbitrary, illogical and unreasonable policies, you tend to get the message very quickly when people stop coming in…usually doesn’t take real long.

  6. I have been a frequent visitor of mega sports for many years. I recently brought my wife to there to renew her FOID. Like others have mentioned, we were carded and photographed at the door. I wanted to make an ammo purchase as well as check out some cases and the safes while I was there. My wife was not allowed to walk with me to shop/browse. She had to stand at the counter and wait patiently for me. They claim it’s too prevent straw purchases. I told them I had no intention of even handling a firearm. . Much less buying one but that didnt matter. .. She had to wait.
    They card you when you walk in, then again before you handle a firearm (even though you can’t get in without an FOID) and then again if you purchase ammo.
    Another time I was taking talking to my son on the phone on the edge of their parking lot when one of their employees rudely interrupted me and forced me into the grass by the road to finish my conversation. I have never seen such unfriendly service in all my life.
    Back in january and February they refused to answer the phones and we’re turning people away at the door unless you wanted an foid or had a pickup.
    There policies put simply. .. suck!

  7. WOW!!!! So glad I moved to Texas 25 years ago. No more FOID, great sporting stores, concealed carry and no B.S.I cannot see this store will not be in business too much longer. Wouldn’t last a week here.

  8. This is why I say we dont need the stupid FOID card. The ISRA was wrong for ever writing the law in the first place. The anti-gunners were looking for some one to blink and the ISRA blinked. ISRA was played and now we pay.
    Plus Stores are now making policy as though it is law.
    I say dump mega sports and find another place.

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