A Texas homeowner gets into a gun battle with a pair of home invading fugitives.

Homeowner suffers minor wounds.  Bad guys off themselves after ingesting some hot lead supplements.

The duo, wanted in Oklahoma, were a two-man crime wave.

No longer, thanks to an armed homeowner.


Ellis County Homeowner Exchanges Gunfire With Intruders

(NBC Dallas / Ft. Worth) – Authorities have confirmed that the two people fatally shot in Ellis County during a violent home invasion Wednesday were two teenagers wanted in Oklahoma.

The Pottawatomie County, Okla., Sheriff’s Office confirmed late Wednesday night that Kenneth Chaffin, 17, and Dillon King, 18, were killed south of Maypearl.

Ellis County investigators earlier said that the duo appeared to have died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds while exchanging gunfire with the homeowner.

The Ellis County Sheriff’s Office said a homeowner in the 2100 block of Bee Creek Road exchanged gunfire with the two men. Investigators said his wife called him as he was pulling up to his home and said she saw two armed men trying to enter their house through the back door.

The homeowner ran inside, got his gun and then exchanged gunfire with the men.

Ellis County Sheriff Lt. James Saulter said the homeowner shot one man, but that it appears both died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds.




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  1. And I bet that these two teens in respect for common sense gun control had only 7 rounds in their magazines.

  2. Was the homeowner using a double barrel shotgun? Did he just shoot two rounds into the air?

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