That’s how many viewers in the 27-54 demographic the charming gasbag Piers Morgan has on the average night.

Black Sphere savages Morgan in a piece today.

The First Amendment in America guarantees our right to free speech, perhaps the only right the Left clings to and champions.

And chief amongst those who tout their right to their free speech (not necessarily those with whom they disagree), is Main Stream Media (MSM). And standing on the bully-pulpit screeching more derogatory invectives about America and her good patriots than any other MSM outlet is CNN. …

Piers Morgan may be the Brit version of Keith Olbermann, the once lofty MSNBC personality who also loved to scoff at the “unenlightened flyover folks”. Mr. Morgan, like Mr. Olbermann, seems to have forgotten that flyover folks by another and truer name are Patriots. And Patriots fought and bled for our independence from England. Patriots have fought and bled to keep our sovereignty intact ever since. Infringe our Constitutional rights at your own ratings peril, Piers: I fear you’re left with the diminishing audience of 87,000 low-information viewers.

[Emphasis added.]

3 thoughts on “Piers Morgan: Call him Mr. 87,000”
  1. The only reason Piers squawks like he does is to entice more viewers to his feeble show. It’s why he allows pro-gun advocates to come on and smack him around. He hopes that second amendment supporters will tune in. If bashing vanilla ice cream would get him ratings he would holler about that. I wouldn’t watch him no matter who he had on.

  2. The Left does not champion free speech, they champion the speech they feel adheres to their world view. Anything to the contrary is to be minimized and shut down.]. Look no further than any college campus where right of center speech is considered hate speech, or that bill introduced in the IL house to prevent anonymous commenting online or the even Fairness Doctrine.

    The Left has a strange fascination with dictatorial powers and limitations of inalienable rights despite the 1000s of years of evidence that it all leads to suffering on a massive scale. This time is never different.

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