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NRA ALERT:  Gun & Mag bills coming to Illinois House.

This coming week, the Illinois House will consider extreme anti-gun legislation that will ban commonly owned semi automatic firearms and standard capacity magazines. The particular language will most likely be attached on the House floor as amendments to shell bills, so no language is currently available.

While under a federal court order to pass a state Right-to-Carry law, anti-gun Chicago politicians continue to play games with your right to self-defense.  Rather than working on measures to reduce violent crime, they continue to play politics and attack the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

The NRA-ILA will continue to send legislative updates as details become available.  However, it is of the utmost importance that you act NOW to stop this gun and magazine ban and registration scheme.  Your action stopped these attempts in Springfield earlier this year and it is important that you stay vigilant!

Contact your state Representative IMMEDIATELY and politely urge them to oppose the banning of any semi-automatics or magazines.

Contact information for your state legislators can be found here.

5 thoughts on “NRA-ILA Alert: Gun, mag ban bills coming to Illinois House”
  1. This is so sad no one has the balls to stop these idiot politicans.if it was up to me I would fire them so fast. There is not one that deserves to be in office

  2. If our state and federal legislators would use their energy to reduce our financial messes the world would be a better place. Because they do not know what to do about these messes they throw up a smoke screen with anti-gun issues. It’s “Look at how hard I’m working to solve the big problem we have with all these poor innocent people being killed. I don’t have time to slay that dragon because I’m too busy with this one” Bullcrap.

  3. Numbers MATTER! Email you legislators tonight. Call them, Springfield and local offices, Monday and Tuesday. GO TO IGOLD WEDNESDAY.

    Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day. Don’t count on “someone else” to do it for you; by the time you decide it’s your turn to go, it might be too late.

    12,000 New Yorkers showed up in Albany last week. A month AFTER the AWB and mag ban.

    We need to beat that number, and do it this Wednesday, BEFORE bad laws can be passed. We had an estimated 7,000 last year. If you went last year, great! Come back this year, and bring a car load of people who didn’t come last year. Pull the kids out of school for a family field trip to see government in action. Urge your spouses to go and make it a family outing.

    Rain or shine, snow or no, we need to pack the Capitol.

    1. I forgot to add one more example. 250,000 Britons showed up in London to protest – AFTER Draconian gun control had been enacted. Too Late.

  4. llinois will do everything to prevent the right to carry as Madigans bill shows. The 2nd Amendment was passed to prevent a tyranical goverment and millions have died for that right to continue The average citizen does NOT care as long as big goverment takes care of them,hell our state budget proves that, lets demonize the gun advocates, demogog the balanced buget people and fail to lead this nation. . If Springfield spent as much time getting the deficit under control as they spend on gun control I would be stunned but that is the CHICAGO management style

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