Neil Snyder at the American Thinker has a great piece on how many Americans have been subject to the “Oprahfication of America“, placing a greater value in their feelings than what they know – feelings and emotions over logic and science, if you will.

It’s a great read.

Here’s a tease:


The Oprahfication of America

by Neil Snyder

(American Thinker) – A couple of weeks ago, my wife went to Massachusetts to take care of her sister’s children so that she and her husband could take a trip to the Caribbean.  My wife ended up spending two weeks in the Bay State because of the mega storm that hit while she was there and several smaller storms that followed it.

Last Friday, I called to talk with my wife.  She was out, so I spent some time talking with my brother-in-law.  He’s a developer who lives outside Boston, and I’ve talked with him for several years about the importance of buying guns and ammunition.  During our conversation, I explained that he shouldn’t keep putting it off.

To his credit, my bother-in-law has started taking a gun class and eventually he plans to get a permit, but so far he hasn’t bought a gun–pistol, rifle, or shotgun.  I’ve been telling him that he needs all three and more than one of each, plus lots of ammunition.  A few years ago, he could have obtained any of them easily with high capacity magazines for the rifles and pistols, but things have changed.  It’s getting harder and harder to find the guns that he needs, and high capacity magazines are coming under threat in one state after another.

During our discussion on Friday, I told my brother-in-law that the day is coming when he will need those guns.  Notice that I said “is coming,” not “may come,” and “will need,” not “may need,” because I think it’s a virtual certainty, but I’m willing to concede that there is a chance that I am wrong.

For instance, Republicans and Democrats in Washington may have a Kumbaya moment and agree that they should just get along; our nation’s creditors may keep buying our debt at historically low rates even as the dollar becomes increasingly insecure; we may find a way to cut Social Security, Medicare, and defense spending without creating a backlash; the freeloaders among us may have a change of heart and decide as a group that it’s time to get off the dole; criminals may decide that crime doesn’t pay and go straight; and pigs may learn to fly.  Truth is, I think the likelihood of avoiding the inevitable is about the same as the probability of pigs learning to fly.

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  1. American values are now feminine values ie feelings more important than facts and reasoning. Masculine values are spat upon.

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