The GSL Defense Training class availability update:

March 16-17 class near Crescent City is now closed to further admissions with the individuals who called this morning.

April 13 & 14 class at DeWitt County Sportsmen’s Club has about 4-6 openings remaining.

April 27 & 28 class at Darnall’s in Bloomington has been closed to further admissions for a week or ten days now.

The June 8 & 9 class at Darnall’s in Bloomington is now closed to further admissions.

June 22 & 23 at DeWitt County:  open

July 20 & 21 at DeWitt County:  open

August 3 & 4 at Darnall’s:  open, but filling.

Aug 17 & 18 at DeWitt County:  open

Sept 28 & 29 at Darnall’s:  room for you and your 39 closest friends as of this morning.

Click on the GSL Defense Training icon on the right side of your screen or click here for more information about classes.

3 thoughts on “GSL Defense Training class availability update…”
  1. No, sir.

    When we started putting the schedule together a couple of months ago, we were concerned about ammo availability and time constraints (we’re doing over a dozen classes this year on top of what our instructors do with Appleseed and other stuff).

    Will check with Darnall’s this weekend about a date in the fall to see what we can do. Lot of people have been asking about it.


  2. Ok, time to promote my guys. I am afterall their official marketing rep. If you haven’t signed up for a training class yet. Come check out the site and see for yourself. The testimonials are not made up pieces of fluff bunnies. Honest to goodness statements from the folks we teach. And if you have any questions, pretty sure you can find one or 5 of the instructors at any of the local GSL meetings. Also, buyer beware with some of the not so “certified” instructors that are now popping up. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

    GSL Defense Trainging is by far one of the best weekends you will have with your husband, wife, son, daughter, roommate, best friend. Educational, fun, and there’s not a bettger group of guys and gals that I would be associated with. And I’m not a paid spokesperson. I just really like them all. Come check us at and get registered today.

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