That Could NEVER Happen Here…

by Karl Denninger

Anyone remember what happened today, 71 years ago?

Probably not.

On February 19th, 1942 FDR willfully and intentionally violated The Constitution, an act for which he should have been impeached.

I am speaking of the Japanese internment — the rounding up of over 100,000 people who were frog-marched into Concentration Camps on American soil.

Far more than half were American Citizens with a full and complete set of alleged Constitutional Rights.

We, America, did this.

We, America, imprisoned our own citizens without trial, without suspicion, without due process of law and without evidence.

We did so merely on their genetic code and the ancestry of their parents.

We did this on American soil and through the American mainland, not in some foreign combat zone.

I repeat:  We, Americans, did this.

We did this here.  We not only took these people’s freedom without cause we dispossessed them of every worldly thing they owned that was not able to be carried in their hands at the time they were rounded up.

To those who believe that America is “exceptional” and that our government would never abuse powers such as the NDAA and similar laws allegedly passed to “protect” us, I remind you that our government already has done so with willful intent, and it happened not all that long ago either. 

Those who are in our government in any capacity, local, state or federal, and state that our government “would never do such a thing” are factual liars and must be immediately removed from office as our government has already proved through its own actions that it not only will do so it did exactly that.

NEVER AGAIN is not just for Jewish people.

It is for us all.

57 thoughts on “That could NEVER happen here…”
  1. we cannot say never again unless we the american people stop obama and
    his cronies from taking away our freedoms. we will stand and fight in
    anyway we have too.

    1. With today’s high tech warfare, guns will not protect the citizens. They will send drones, tanks, and use all the ammo. they have been stockpiling. They are laying in wait for an uprising big enough so they can declare Martial Law, and imprison, or maybe kill some of us. The FEMA Camps are ready to enslave the masses. They have even stockpiled MRE’S to keep us from starving.

    2. I despise Obama as much as any freedom loving individual but I despise his predecessor, a man I even voted for, equally for laying the foundations upon which Barack marches on. They both, including the parties they represent, are a curse upon us all.

    3. I totally agree. I voted for Bush twice. But it was the second term that opened my eyes. Yes the Bushes are just as evil as the O’s.i never agreed with the patriot act. Since they left the border open , I could see the patriot act was not about our safety , but about taking our rights in the name of “FOR YOUR SAFTEY”. And now we have Jeb Bush sticking his toe in the water. Along with Prescott Bush . No more evil Bushes. I refuse to vote for my own demise , or the demise of America . I will not vote for any more Bushes . In fact who ever the media throws out there as front runner will not get my vote. I will choose who is gonna be front runner . The media will not decide for me. I’m just about done wasting my time voting anyway. It’s a joke and it’s on us.

    4. If the GOP can’t come up with a Conservative Candidate, I am going to write in Ben Carson on my 2016 ballot .. I hope all us conservatives can get it together, and agree on
      who to back .. there are many qualified Consevatives to consider, so lets choose wisely .. Mybe it is time to break away from the “Establishment ” who has let us down for years ..

    5. Every time I come to a comments section and someone starts immediately harping on Obama, I think “Yep, it’s definitely going to happen again.” Focusing on the current tyrant is the problem. Obama isn’t the issue: Bush Jr was as bad if not worse. Whoever replaces Obama is going to be laying foundations for concentration camps regardless of whether he’s on the D team or the R team. When you guys focus on an individual player, all you’re doing is taking attention away from the fact that the rules of the game are the problem.

    1. They left out the bonus marchers too.

      Time for people to wake up before we all get the same treatment at the hands of the progressives.

    2. For those who don’t know anything about the Bonus Marchers, they were World War One Doughboys who had been promised a bonus for signing up by Woodrow Wilson. At the end of the war Wilson said we had spent too much money on the war and couldn’t afford to pay bonuses – come back in 1945 and we will pay up. Of course Wilson knew that half of them would be dead by then and this set the precedent for the Democrat’s Kick the Can policies that have ensnared our grandchildren with overwhelming debt. The Great Depression made these veterans desperate, so they petitioned Hoover and then FDR for accelerated payouts. Both dissed the veterans, so they marched on Washington and set up a tent city on The Mall. They marched in front of the White House, which embarrassed Roosevelt…..something you don’t do is embarrass a vain politician. So, he had Douglas MacArthur send in the cavalry and round up the Marchers, They would up in the tender mercies of Secretary of the Interior Harold Icke’s re-education camps, euphemistically known as the Civilian Conservation Corp. One thousand of them were sent to camps in the Florida Keys, where they died in the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. To highlight government’s perfidy, the Florida East Coast Railroad sent a train to Islamorada to rescue them, but the Roosevelt Administration prevented the return dispatch of the train.

    3. The more I learn about FDR the more disreputable he is. FDR is the reason why the German passenger ship St. Louis was not allowed to off load all of the Jewish passengers. After a month in Havana unsuccessfully negotiating for the ship to land in the US, it finally returned to Europe. Belgium lead the way for a place to land. The passengers were then sent England, France and Belgium.
      Hitler was trying to prove that he was right about the Jews. FDR did not like Jews and he did not want any of them in the US.

    4. I never knew this part of the story. What I had read involved mounted troops being sent to raid the tent city, where they fired on and killed some of the unarmed veterans. George Patton and the saintly Dwight Eisenhower were young officers who participated in the atrocity.
      Every time you think you’ve heard the worst about something a government does, it turns out there’s more…

    5. Sounds like Benguaze.. has happenened before .. this is a part of history I have never heard .. except for the Japenese internment .. Some of my school mates were sent off to those Camps . they were just as much american as I am ..
      “We the People have been allowing this creeping “Socialism” for years.. Wake up folks this is slowly becoming a dictatorship .. full of welfare slaves, and illegal immigrants .. These will soon outnumber any of us who believe in Liberty and The GOD Given right to pursue happiness ..GOD has blessed This Nation and we are turning our backs on HIM ..

    6. EDUCATE YOURSELVES. CHECK OUT (AGENDA21)OR (Sustainable Development) wakeup Americans before it is too late ! We are being lied to everyday. Pray for our Nation ! We can do nothing & have to reap the consequences.OR ! THAT I LEAVE TO YOU!

    7. I have relatives who are Kool-Aid drinking, Roosevelt-worshipping Democrats. They wouldn’t read this, let alone believe that their god, FDR, would do something this evil. In fact, they would probably tell you that the Republicans did it, not the Democrats, and likely somehow President Bush was involved!

    8. Give me a break, it was in the movie Midway where Heston’s kid fell in love with the Japanese girl in the concentration camp. The history books today are almost fiction as the move our country toward secular progressive’s agenda

  2. No reperations were ever made to the Japanese, Italian or German (and there were some though not as many as Japanese) citizens that had their property confiscated or had to sell before internment at huge loss.

    1. An interesting side note about the California Japanese. Most of their property was bought up Stimson and FDR’s friends. They bought some of the most valuable property for pennies on the dollar.

    2. So why not do some records searches and identify the very ones who did purchase these “stolen” properties and stick it to them. Shine the light on these roaches.

  3. Knew a man that was a army guard at one of the as he called it”Jap prisions” in CA. He stated that he was ordered and folloting thu shooting american’s trying to escape the prison. Yes our government has already committed acts of tyranny in the past and are doing so now.

  4. Twenty Years ago or so, when visiting the Statue of Liberty a Japanese descendant was inside where her group was set up by the Park Service to garner enough signatures by American Citizens to get the US Gov’t to formally apologize publicly to the Japanese American Citizens for their incarceration during WWII.
    It was a travesty then and is about to re-emerge again with the incarceration of ALL American Citizens who remain loyal to the US Constitutional Republic and will be arrested for standing up for their Rights and placed in the exact camps as they have been re-furbished and presently has personnel prepared to receive American Citizens. There are in addition, hundreds of newly built facilities of the same nature across the nation including the use of current Federal Prisons if needed for the over flow! You mention FEMA Detainment Centers to your Federal Representatives will will receive the same rely I received, “There are no “CONCENTRATION CAMPS” within the USA” No One said a thing about Concentration Camps, its the Feds way of side stepping the truth!

    1. You are so right…..and they are called FEMA CAMPS. It is rumored they are outfitted with shackles in the walls.
      Such a perfect place to stockpile guns and ammo., along with all those tanks they have been ordering.

    2. I have also heard they have some set up air tight so as to kill AMERICAN’S seen a video about it don’t know if it was on you tube or where it was a while back. might could find out going under fema camps in the U.S.A.

    3. If they are not called FEMA or Concentration camps I would have asked “then what is the NEW label/name of these so called “camps/holding facilities/detention centers/reactivated prison’s” that ARE located all over America???

      Also ask about the “UNDERGROUND CITIES and THOUSANDS OF MILES OF HIGHWAYS UNDERGROUND” that go from Baltimore to Florida, to midwest and to Colorado, to Zone 51 in Nevada and other area’s. You can find video’s in YouTube on this fact.

      Totally shocking.

    4. my guess all them dems and repub think they can go under ground and be safe while the rest of us die. you can bet a lot of them will also die. some times I fell they think they are above the law and above GODS law but they are in for a rude awaking.

  5. They mean to subdue us. Those that resist, they mean to try and kill. The FEMA camps will not be used on all Americans. Just the ones that resist. Constitution Party, Tea Party, anyone who will not surrender their guns. Indefinite Detention. Attempted ‘reprogramming’. Then body disposal. Asset forfeiture to pay for it all. All the dominoes are set up. Good luck all.

  6. I lived through the WW2 war time and the thing that seems no one can remmember is the deep hatered of the jap people. the maine reasen they were rounded up was for thier own protection. many would have died on streets if not protected by our government,BY FRIENDLY FIRE IF YOU HEAR WHAT I AM SAYING!!!!!!

    1. Despoiling them of their homes and possessions was also for their own good. I hope you and yours are treated with such tender mercy by the govt. If you were, perhaps you would have a little more sense.

    2. You obviously did not make it through fifth grade. Useful idiots and outright communists still worship FDR and his ideological descendants. Perhaps the German authorities told the Jewish communities that they were evacuating them for their own protection too…

    3. Vincent,
      Actually, the Jewish people WERE told they were being moved for their own good. After the assault on the Jewish quarters, (Promoted and started by the Nazi administration) they were told that if they didn’t go to another location, the police could not protect them. Thus, most went not only willingly, but anxiously.

  7. Homeland Security has 1.6 billion rounds of small arms ammo stockpiled right now. If you do the math for 330 million Americans and take into account that 50 percent of the people oppose Obama and his administration and their agenda, that works out to 12 rounds apiece for each member of the opposition. I won’t be getting rounded up, but I will get the 12 rounds they’re saving for me and maybe a few of the ones they have allocated for you as well. Obama and his gang will make Pol Pot and the Khymer Rouge look like amateurs before they’re finished.

  8. I strenuously object to the use of the phrase “We did this…” We, the people, are the victims of the rogue govt (to varying degrees) and not its agents. We do not sanction, approve, or participate in these horrendous actions, which are undertaken by evil men usurping powers never delegated to them. They are in direct contravention of Constitutional law. THE GOVERNMENT, not we, the people, are today usurping powers and authority they do not have, in preparation for more atrocities of a nature unknown to us yet. We, the people, did NOT do this. But, we, the people, must STOP the govt from continuing to act with impunity against us.

    1. Unfortunately, they couldn’t abuse their power if “We the People” didn’t hand it to them in the first place. Even though the operating principle is supposed to be majority rules up to the point where the rights of the minority become infringed upon, such is seldom the case in reality. The tryanny of the majority is far more common than the preservation of the rights of the minority element in society. Look at the current attempts to persuade the unarmed majority to vote away our gun rights at the polls. In the end, we all pay. In the end, we get ruled by two masters, the government and the criminals, both of whom will prey upon us without mercy.

    2. It is now too late! They have total control over us. Thank Congress and the Senate for allowing our rogue government to enslave us. Oops, be sure to include the SUPREMES too.

    3. Indirectly,”WE”are all guilty!!”WE”voted all these bastards into office and did not keep track of what they doing!!We were all interested in the finer things our”AMERICA”
      had to offer and cared less what our own government was planning for us!Slowly,like
      the cancer it is,they kept adding more and more issues to our lives.Took away more and more freedoms that we died for,
      in wars all over the world.”WE” made a lot of people wealthy,while “WE”protected”THEM”.
      This generation will not see any progress being made to bring AMERICA
      back to what it was “SUPPOSED TO BE”!!
      It is going to get a lot worse before it gets better and”WE”will not be here to enjoy it!!.The next generation has one hell-uv-a-job ahead of them,BUT–
      I do not see them having the where-with-all(brain-wise) to fix this gigantic mess”WE”have made for “THEM”.

  9. We were at war with a brutal enemy. I remember the Bataan Death March. I remember how the Japanese treated our POW’s – they were little more than skeletons when freed by our troops at the end of the war. Roosevelt was right and I applaud his actions. It was feared that the Japanese-Americans would not fight their relatives and would become traitors.

    1. Nonsense. How many of those people were rounded up who were horrified by what their former government did to us, and was doing in China and throuhgout the Pacific Basin? I KNOW some people who were rounded up during that time. THEY vehemently opposed what their former government (they were US Citizens by then, and were no longer Japanese) was doing.

      Your logic above, though the “party line” at the time, is no more accurate than today’s logic that no one is able to possess firearms except the Only ONes… government and Law Enforcement. “since they’re not part of US, they just might take up arms against us, and we can’t have THAT”. True enough. wish a few thousand Yanks had known what was up in ’42 and marched on Washington, armed, and refused to leave until the order was rescinded. Some fear-monger’s nightmare, that was. Would we round up all the Iranian moslems living in the US today, just because their “relatives” “back home” MIGHT influence them to take up arms against us. Or maybe all those of Mexican descent living here, because of the drug cartel shootings and executions in this country. Makes about as much sense……….

    2. There would have been no Bataan death march had the yanks not been in the Phillipines to begin with. Remember that “colony” that they took from Spain and then reneged on the agreement with the Filipinos and then brutally suppressed the uprising with about 200,000 civilians dead? Remember that? No? Wny not? That’s because it’s yet another “fact” that’s never talked about. So, fast forward about forty years and you have American colonialist military forces in places it has no business being in. Much like so many other places around the world today.

    3. Two extremely weak justifications for the actions of the administration.
      1) They did worse things so the bad things we did are justified – a silly argument made even worse by the fact that you aren’t even comparing the same thing. Mistreatment of captured hostile prisoners of war is utterly inhumane, but isn’t really a good analogy for a government arresting and interning its own citizens

      2) The idea that the internment was somehow justifiable because Japanese-Americans could betray the United States. Any civilized standard of justice recognizes that presupposition of guilt of an accused party is deeply immoral. Proven actions of treason can be punished, imposing punishment on people because they might be guilty is utterly unjust. You can say that the internment was still correct because of the consequences of any potential treason, but then you throw out one of the key concepts underpinning the American justice system.

      This “anything goes since we are at war” mindset is really just tragic.

    4. You couldn’t be more wrong the Japanese i knew then loved America and the opportunities it afforded them ..they were appalled at the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor ..

  10. My grandfather was a guard at a camp near the Superstition Mountains outside Phoenix during WW2. The prisoners were Germans and I never understood why they would send German POWs all the way to Arizona. Now it makes sense.

  11. Whats missing here is that German-Americans were interned as well. A good friend of mine was dragged out of school at the age of 11. Racism still exists in that Japanese-Americans got an apology and compensation whilst the Germans still await official recognition that they were interned. The story as per the article is terrible but start digging and it gets worse. For more info on the German side of things go to the German American Internee Coalition website

    1. This is the first time I heard about more than the Japanese being interred or that people out side of the US were imprisoned. We always hear about US Japanese being interred. I had classmates whose parents and grandparents were so I heard their stories. My parents had friends of German descent and they never mentioned German internment.
      I know it would be hard but their descendants need to speak out and have the truth known.

    2. Yes indeed the truth should come out .. Even after all these years ,, maybe this is enough to wake up the obama zombies .and the rest of us folks who think there is nothing to be done ..
      Start with GOD folks HE is the final authority .. We are the ones that allowed HIM to be deleted from schoools and public places ..

  12. What most people really don’t know is that we just barely got edged out of inventing concentration camps. The British began the practice in the Boer War. We were shortly behind them in the Philippines. American soldiers there at the time sounded a lot like the late Chris Kyle did about Iraqis. Why doesn’t the lowly third worlder simply lay down and submit to the American ubermensch? If he shoots back at an invader of his home soil the unter-American is treacherous, bloodthirsty, uncivilized and a traitor to his own kind. Why don’t they get it? The US should send this notice to all underdeveloped countries: The humanitarian bombing will continue until morale, and adulation for American GIs, improves.

  13. these things cannot happen where ‘exceptional’ people are domiciled. put another way, ‘it can’t happen here’.

    that it has happened and was hidden is par for the political course. that the environment existed that it could take place lies at the feet of the amerikan people and goes directly to their culpability.

    the amerikan empire has, does today and will continue to kill innocents and destroy nations as long as the consent is given by the people. again, this is expected megalomaniacal political action. the amerikan people have given their ‘blessing’ to this wholesale destruction and murder by their acceptance.

    headlines today are filled with overreach by cops, bureaucrats and the political class. the empire is eroding internationally and, as has always taken place in history, the detritus is coming home to roost with we, the chumps, beginning to bear what we have given out over many past decades. it will get worse for all of us.

    is the above what ‘exceptional’ people from a nation with ‘the best educational system in the world’ who believe ‘all men are created equal’ do? or, is the above what malevolent leaders in charge of soulless, selfish people inflict on those they do not know and who have done them nothing with the blessing of the soulless and selfish?

  14. If you wish to know the true nature of our government, just ask a Native American.

  15. No, “we” didn’t do this. The government did this. The blame is theirs, and theirs alone.

  16. you got that right it is the government that lied to the Indians AND DOT WE THE PEOPLE.

  17. I have been warning people, and writing letters to the useless news media that what you see here is exactly what is happening today in the US Police State? If you are ignorant enough to believe this cannot happen in the US then you know nothing about history?

  18. This is very tragic indeed. A huge black mark on our country and the government in power at the time. I think this was widely acceptable at the time because people in general were furious at what had taken place at Pearl Harbor and our propaganda made it even more acceptable. What we have today I think is even more dangerous because we have over half of the population that is one the government dole and that seems to them to be the only thing that is important. On top of that we have a leader that has no love for our country to begin with. Obama reckless and unpatriotic behavior continues to grow.

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