Remember that really nice page Ruger set up where you could enter your name and address and it would mail pro-civil rights letters to all of your elected officials, both state and federal? (Yeah, if you haven’t done it, do so now.  Click the link and it’ll open a new window.  We’ll wait for you to come back!)

Well, the good folks at the Firearm Policy Coalition have done something similar for us to broadcast a message to all of the major firearms manufacturers to encourage them to apply civilian regulations at the state level to all state, county and local government entities when it comes to guns and accessories.

That’s right!

No full capacity magazines to the cops.  If seven rounds is good enough for civilians, it’s good enough for law enforcement.

If America’s favorite rifle isn’t allowed for civilians, it won’t be sold to law enforcement or government.

>>>>> Here it is.<<<<<

Sent them a message then leave a comment.


14 thoughts on “Send a message to the Firearm Industry”
  1. NOW is the time to stand up and speak out. If there was EVER a time to get off the sidelines, it is now. Once our freedoms are gone, it will be too late.

  2. Also sent mine. WHEN will people WAKE UP and smell the gun powder from the common criminals we are facing?!?!?!?

    Makes me want to pluck myself BALD……….

    PRAY for our nation and our people.

  3. The second has already been gutted. Remember the phrase from our founders that the poplace should have all the weapons of war that the military possesses. (paraphrsed obviously) Civilians should be able to own any weapon extant, with the possible exception of nuclear weapons in excess of a kiloton (pick a number).

  4. Even the small outfit here in Idaho called Idaho quality arms has made the stand to stand with Americans…. and not with the jackasses in DC…

    No ONE gets the guns, not now , not ever. Glad these good companies are taking that stand…makes me proud of them.

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