Marsha at our February meeting showing off (well, sort of) her Flashbang holster.


by Marsha Mohr.

Growing up, my dad worked on a lot of things, and fixed a lot of things himself, but when he was tired and needed help, and we were standing there, watching him work, he said this:  “I am not an effin’ sideshow!”

This translated to I am tired of doing this by myself.  You are capable, and it is time to pull your own weight.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I need your help.  I need you to pull your own weight because I’m certainly not a sideshow either!

Here in Illinois we are still fighting for equal rights, and there are others who are trying to make our lack of rights even more unequal. I am referring to the Second Amendment rights affirmed by the Constitution of the United States (NOT GRANTED, BUT AFFIRMED!)

I am not able to go to the Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day (IGOLD) in Springfield this year, so I need you to go in my place.

Represent me as I have represented you.

Take the day off, take your friends and family, and go to Springfield.

Show the government here in Illinois that you are willing to take a day off because your rights are that important.

Take your family and if the media asks why you are there, gather them together and say “So I can protect the most important people on Earth!”

One day of your time is all I ask, to guarantee your rights, and the rights of others like you are protected.

Last year we had over 7000 people there, the media reported it as over 1500. While technically true, this seems just a bit biased.

We need over 10,000 there this year to make the legislature and media understand we will not take the suppression and denial of our rights lightly.  Furthermore, we get highly irritable when there’s talk of taking our rights and freedoms away.

It’s only one day – in a sense, it’s a gift to your children and their children.

Even better, you don’t want to be asking yourself later “What could I have done?”

So take the day, spend it as a family, take the kids to Springfield and introduce them to your Representative and Senator.  Your kids are future voters, after all.

Thank you for your help.


IGOLD- March 6th 2013, Springfield, Illinois. Gather at the Prairie Capital Convention Center, program starts at 11:30. After a few short speakers, march to the capital. A few more speakers on the steps by the Lincoln statue, and then visit your legislators. You?ll be glad you went.

2 thoughts on “Marsha says she needs a favor: Give your kids the gift of YOUR participation in IGOLD”
  1. Thank you Marsha for your continued dedication to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights, and for your enthusiasm at the Guns Save Life Rantoul meeting.

    It is refreshing to see someone get so excited about something so important. I only wish you were able to join us in Springfield March 6th for IGOLD.

    John G

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