DENVER, CO. – FEBRUARY 18: Representative Lois Court hugs Representative Rhonda Fields after the Colorado House voted in four bills that seek to enact universal gun background checks, fees for background checks, limits on magazine size and a ban on conceal carry permits on college campuses at the Denver State Capitol February 18, 2013. Denver, Colorado. (Photo By Joe Amon/The Denver Post)

The Democrat-controlled House in Colorado passed a quartet of sweeping anti-gun bills this afternoon.

A few of the Democrats voted no, but the majority voted “aye”.

What kind of Democrat politicians voted for this?

Democrats like this:

The kind that believe ballpoint pens are a good alternative to guns for self-defense:

What are they putting in the water in Colorado, anyway?

8 thoughts on “Land of nuts and flakes? Colorado House passes sweeping gun control bills”
  1. Truly Sad. Chances are the state Senile, oops, Senate, will confirm the house’s vote and the Governor (a former beer brewer who now drinks fracking fluid) will probably sign it. The state courts will probably not overturn it, which means we will have to fight it all the way to through the federal courts to the Supremes…
    But regardless,…
    …many Coloradans, otherwise law-abiding, peace-loving folks, will simply not comply, and there may well be Civil Disobedience up to and including violence if they try to enforce it. If these petty political hacks wish to artificially create a whole new class of felon-level lawbreakers by passing unjust, unreasonable and unconscionable laws,…”laws” that punish the hundreds of thousands of innocents, on the basis that a handful of madmen used commonly available modern weapons with commonly available magazines, …well…be careful what you wish for.

    The pendulum, hopefully, will swing the other way before too long, and voters will replace these yahoos…or else, worst case, there may be some politicians swinging like pendulums, but another way…like…from lamp posts.
    I’m not threatening…I’m just observing.

  2. Ummm, I remember that one of the people who helped put an end to the judge killing Giffords shooter was a carrier but saw an opportunity to hammer the crazy freak without using his firearm.

    Democrats simply cannot be trusted on this issue and those trusting them in spite of all evidence pointing not to are straight up fools.

  3. Liberals will likely keeping pushing until they push this country into two nations. A surprising number who support admission of Puerto Rico as a state wish Texas was out of the union.

  4. There are a lot of people moving to Colorado and other formerly “Red” states from California, New York, etc… These Liberals are like locusts, they’ve ruined their own states with idiotic legislation, now they’re moving on to do the same thing to other states.

    I know in Texas they’re growing wary of this and they “don’t like to see Yankees with U-hauls”.

    Sad to see these states turn “Purple” (or even Blue)

    1. Jakebob,
      You are correct about the locusts…and a couple of liberal millionaires from CA are determined to “Democratize” Colorado and are supporting these petty local lordlings…and threatening any Dems that don’t go along, threatening them with funding a primary challenger from the left if they don’t tow the anti-gun line.

  5. Dont surrender or register a damn thing in Colorado!

    Why is it the same A Holes who dont want anyone near their sex lives (other than to pay for it) DEMAND access to your gun closet?

  6. I emailed every member of the CO senate and the governor and told them to vote these down and I included strong arguments as to why. If anyone is interested in doing the same, below is the email addresses of every member of the state senate and the governor. All you gotta do is copy and paste, tell them to vote no and hit send. Even if you don’t live in Colorado, tell them you won’t visit the state or buy products that come out of the state. If states keep going this way it just sends a message to other states and the feds that this is OK.

    In addition, the governor is really wishy-washy on the issue it sounds. He can probably be pressured to veto these if it makes it that far. So go here and tell him to shoot it down and then email the state senate.

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