You’re at home with your two-year-old at zero-dark-thirty and all of the sudden three men break in through your front door intent on nefarious deeds.

You grab your pistola and engage.

In a few seconds, after a flurry of gun fire, the intruders retreat.  One expires inside your home, another on the lawn out front.  The third evil-doer is on the loose.

It happened just a couple of days ago in Prince Edward, VA.


Trio of robbers meets hot lead from homeowner.

3 thoughts on “HAPPY ENDING: Trio of robbers meets Armed American”
  1. Golly. The homeowner should just have used a ball point pen to defend himself. I mean, a gun in a violent situation only makes things worse!

    On a serious note, glad the homeowner came out on top. Hope he and his son are able to deal with the aftermath, and that they find the third suspect and charge him w/ felony murder along w/ the home invasion charge.

  2. Thousands of tax dollars saved with a dollars worth of ammo. I love a happy ending.

    At least they will get a new door and carpeting, care of their insurance.

  3. He didn’t have a callbox or whistle handy? Why didn’t he wet himself or vomit? Or go to a “safe area” with other people? And he had the AUDACITY to use something other than a double-barrelled shotgun?!?!? Bet he get’s a visit or call from Vice President Hoof-in-mouth.

    No, really; I pray for the man and his child, that they may have a complete revitailzation of spirit after having been put in such a situation. I’m also very pleased that they weren’t taken hostage or killed. Lotta guts, sir! You did the right thing, no doubt.

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