Another incident of a multi-hour gang-rape with multiple victims in Mexico by armed criminals.

We wrote yesterday about a Christian Youth Camp being attacked last weekend near Mexico City where teen girls were raped for hours.  Now, a new incident has been reported in Acapulco.

One wonders how many more of these have never been reported!

Of course, as there’s no civilian ownership of guns in Mexico, for all intents and purposes, there was little worry from the bandits that they victims might be able to mount a meaningful resistance to their attack.

The only thing that stops bad men with evil in their hearts is good guys with guns.


Six Spanish tourists raped by gunmen in Mexico, authorities say

A police officer cordons off a crime scene at a beach hotel, where six female Spanish tourists were raped by armed men, in Acapulco February 5, 2013. REUTERS/Jacobo Garcia

Mexico City (LA Times) — Six Spanish tourists on vacation in Acapulco were raped by masked gunmen who burst into their lodgings in the middle of the night, roughed up their companions and made off with cash, laptops and other valuables, authorities said.

The attack early Monday on what was in Mexico a long holiday weekend came as the one-time tourist mecca struggles to salvage its reputation. Acapulco, faded gem of Mexico’s Pacific coast, has become one of the deadliest cities in the country as rival drug traffickers fight for control.

“This is a very regrettable incident that undoubtedly hurts Acapulco,” Mayor Luis Walton Aburto said at a news conference.

Most of the violence has been limited to dicier parts of the city not frequented by tourists. But this attack took place near the beach about six miles south of the so-called Diamond Zone, Acapulco’s newest and most luxurious enclave.

Acapulco’s city government press office said the tourists had rented a bungalow on Enchanted Beach south of the city, alongside small four-star hotels that advertise themselves as places for meditation, relaxation and yoga.


There’s more…

Acapulco: Tourists Tied up with Bikinis and Gang Rapedby Masked Robbers

A sign reading “No crossing, P.G.J.E.”(Attorney General of the State) hangs from a string to cordon off a crime scene at a beach hotel, where six female Spanish tourists were raped by armed men, in Acapulco February 5, 2013. REUTERS/Jacobo Garcia

(International Business Times) – A group of tourists have been raped by a masked gang who raided their holiday villa in the Mexican resort of Acapulco.

Local authorities said the armed men burst into the bungalow rented by 13 Spanish tourists, six women and seven men, and a Mexican woman, in Playa Bonfil, facing the Pacific Ocean, near the famous Punta Diamante area, local authorities said.

The attackers gagged and tied up the men with phone cables and then raped the women, who they had bound up with their own bikinis.

Police received an emergency call at 7am, five hours after the tourists’ ordeal had started.

A number of credit cards and tablets and 7.800 pesos (£390) were also stolen from the tourists, who are reportedly all under 30 years of age.


Soldiers stop a car for an inspection at a check point near a beach hotel, where six female Spanish tourists were raped by armed men, in Acapulco February 5, 2013. REUTERS/Jacobo Garcia

And apparently the mayor of Acapulco doesn’t really think this is that big of a deal.  (It’s not a really big “effin'” deal, as Joe Biden would say)…

Acapulco mayor says regrets comments on rape of six Spanish tourists

(Reuters) – The mayor of Acapulco on Tuesday apologized for dismissive comments about the rape of six female Spanish tourists by armed men, an unusually aggressive crime against foreigners in the popular Mexican resort grappling with drug cartels.

The women were raped in the early hours of Monday, when the hooded gunmen forced their way into a beach house they had rented and roughed up their seven male companions.

After the incident, Mayor Luis Walton said the rape could have happened “anywhere in the world,” and added it hurt the image of the famous resort, one of Mexico’s most important tourist destinations.

The comments triggered a media storm, and his office then issued a statement on its website, saying Walton “very much laments the misinterpretation of his comments, which were never intended to hurt the victims or minimize the facts.”


So, you ready to send your daughters to Mexico on vacation yet?

Guys, you wanna take your girlfriends or wives down to Mexico?




4 thoughts on “Spanish tourists gang-raped for hours by gunmen in Acapulco”
  1. I’m male and I see no reason to travel to Mexico. I wouldn’t go to Mexico even if I could legally travel there with a group of well-armed Americans. Mexico: the country whose border Obama once stood alongside of and made fun of the concept of national borders between countries. An old time socialist is the current king of America.

  2. are you sure the pictures of the ladies you have up there are the victims? don’t post it otherwise.

  3. Sick!
    I’m European and I have always supported American-style gun rights, which (some forget quickly) used to be the same in Europe (we have a long tradition of gun ownership) before socialists and leftists restricted them to avoid “fascist uprisings”.

    The government just needs to control us better thats all!

    I just hate that feeling of helplessness those teens must have felt as the gangsters did whatever they wanted upon them.

    Its that feeling of helplessness that I feel everyday as I live in a large European city without a gun.

    There are so many things wrong with the US of A but gun ownership is not one of them!

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