a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.


a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race


Nate Kreuter, a self-identified bigot.

At Inside Higher Ed, they’ve published a bigoted essay by Nate Kreuter, in which he goes into detail justifying his bigotry of those who would take an active role in protecting themselves from violent attack.

“I hope my legislature doesn’t send guns into the sacred space of the classroom. But if they do, I hope I have the guts to stick to my decision. We all have a breaking point, a threshold to not cross. Other than being in the woods, the classroom is the closest thing I have to religion and the closest thing I have to faith, and once that particular sacred space is profaned by the presence of a weapon, I don’t want to inhabit it anymore.”

…”I don’t fear guns. I fear the person who wants, for any reason, lawful or otherwise, to bring one into my classroom.”

…”I fear the kind of person, the kind of barely-not-a-child-anymore-student, who would want to carry a gun on campus, legally or otherwise. I fear that kid, and I don’t want to be around him. It isn’t his gun that scares me. What scares me is his brain, which controls the hand that controls the gun that can kill.”  – Nate Kreuter in On Gun in My Classroom

One wonders if Nick feels anxiety over black persons on campus.  Does he not fear them, but only ones that want to come into the classroom?  Do they profane the sacred space of a classroom too?  Does he fear them as well, and not want to be around them?

Fearing African-Americans in school classrooms is as irrational and bigoted as fearing law-abiding, responsible Americans trained in the use of personal defense tools to carry them to stop bad people from evil intents.  Those “kids”, the kind of barely-not-a-child-anymore student would certainly have been old enough for at least three years to serve his nation in the military, protecting our nation and indeed may have even already served a tour in Afghanistan and done things Nate Kreuter will never know and could never do – to risk everything for the love of his nation and fellow American.

From reading his piece, I have to wonder if Nate Kreuter realizes late at night, laying in bed in the stillness of the night, that he is a lesser man than some of his students who would man-up when the going gets tough and display bravery and courage under adverse conditions.

Imagine being Nate Kreuter, suffering under the weight of knowing that potentially a female coed, with a license to carry, and the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to employ a simple tool to stop a malevolent attack, has more tenacity than he does.

It’s okay.  Nate’s apparently a lover, not a fighter.  Gun ownership isn’t for everyone.  Some people go to work when danger calls, others “go” in their pants as they cower.

Nate Kreuter is in a state of denial about how the world works when it comes to evil men doing asocial endeavors.  As Lt. Col. Dave Grossman says, “Denial has no survival value.”




17 thoughts on “Nate Kreuter: A bigot speaks and removes all doubt…”
  1. Nate is going to work when danger calls. This is a time for Americans to stand up and offer their opinion. It’s not the fact that a female coed can carry a concealed weapon. What is scary is that female coed can also conceal a history of mental illness and mental instability. It takes courage to stand up to the bigoted and perhaps more fitting ignorant viewpoints of so many (the author of this post included). Perhaps more courage than carrying a weapon that can put a 3 inch hole in someone’s chest.

    1. Robert,

      We operate on the assumption that all people are law-abiding and mentally sound until proven otherwise.

      Unlike you, who assumes everyone is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, so the government must be our nanny from cradle to grave…

      Nate is a bed-wetter and I’m betting you’ve wet your share in your time as well.


  2. Did the author of this piece of crap sign his name? Where is his courage? And where is his intellect? Does he think the unstable kid with a gun is the same as someone with military training? Does he think that fearing the unstable person with a gun is the same as racism or homophobia? Does he think that manning up means accepting the spread of concealed weapons on school campuses? Or does manning up mean refusing to accept that, and walking out? Does manning up mean standing up for what you believe? Does being a man mean calling someone you disagree with a peepeepants? Really?

    1. Reading is fundamental. I wrote it. And posted it. John Boch. (posted by jboch on homepage should be a clue)… Seems we’re getting traffic from some butt-hurt leftist gun grabbers!

    2. Nate said “legal or otherwise”. Sounds like he’s against all guns in the classroom, even those carried by licensed, trained individuals, including the police. If a police officer, on duty or off, took Nate’s class, sounds like Nate would tell him to leave his gun at home or drop the class.

  3. I hope Nate has the guts to quit school if guns are ever allowed there or even if they are not. He clearly lacks the intestinal fortitude to work through difficult situations. I question his intellectual capacity since he feels that the “barely-not-a-child-student” is such a threat. Does he understand that many men and women in his age group decide to join the military to serve their country, and that they use guns safely and effectively.

    Lastly perhaps Nate should stay out of the woods, they are also sacred to me, especially when I am deer hunting.

  4. I would welcome university students carrying firearms in “my” (it does not actually belong to me as it has been paid for by the students, their parents, and the taxpayer) classroom. I find the author’s references to “barely-not-a-child-anymore-students” to be deeply insulting. We allow 18-year-olds to enlist in the armed forces and to die while serving this country, yet Dr. Kreuter is upset by the thought of a 21-year-old adult being armed in “his” precious little classroom? Perhaps it’s a projection – having read his piece, I wouldn’t trust him with a box of matches and I’m disturbed by the fact he claims to own firearms.

    “What is scary is that female coed can also conceal a history of mental illness and mental instability.”

    Robert, are you trying to argue a mentally ill person would NOT bring a firearm to class if she has not been issued a concealed carry license?

  5. I don’t know. Seems to me Nate has a very valid point. And those of us who ignore or demean the legitimacy of his point are part of – if not the entire – problem.

    Ya ever watch the “open carriers” or even “concealed carry” encounters with police on youtube? Do not those weirdos scare hell out of ya? They do me. Yes, they’re trendsetters and yes they’re helping educate the cops on what is lawful and whatnot, but I would NEVER, EVER, whilst at a range, a restaurant or a gunshop, let down my guard (or my finger OFF THE TRIGGER) when any one of those flaming fricking nutjobs were around!!

    Do you not know of what I speak?

    You’re the problem.

    We cannot embrace everyone who says “I want a gun!” We can’t welcome into the fold of responsible gun owners every punk, zit-faced kid fresh off the couch playing “kill everybody in sight” games. We cannot.

    And that is why Nate has a point and if you cannot see the forest for the trees, you’s goin into the woodchipper when we get pulped next.

    Read his writing AGAIN if you didn’t bother to the first time and recognize his point.

  6. Ken, with all due respect, if you insist on never letting your “finger OFF THE TRIGGER” in the presence of a person you consider to be a weirdo, you are a far greater liability to the pro-2A community than any of the “flaming fricking nutjobs” who seem to offend your sensibilities.

    If Nate does in fact have a valid point, he must be utterly incapable of expressing it. Don’t tell me to read it AGAIN as it is NOT going to happen. One can only take so much psychobabble at a time and I could hardly keep myself from throwing up the first time around. I don’t give a rat’s ass about your friend’s cat, his failed relationships or whatever it is that he daydreams about in his bed at 4:30 in the morning. The only point worth mentioning is that he should quit his job immediately. If I were a student (or a parent), I wouldn’t want this sanctimonious, egotistic imbecile for a teacher.

    “Those of us who ignore or demean the legitimacy of his point are part of – if not the entire – problem.”

    Have you completely lost your mind?

  7. F… all ya’ll haters. Nate, tell them to get off your dick!

    [Watch your language, sir. This is a family-friendly website.]

    1. I wouldn’t touch your boyfriend’s private parts with a nine foot pole. Don’t worry, you won’t get much competition for his affection from this crowd.

  8. Ignorant people these days… smh it doesn’t make any sense how stupid ya’ll MF’s are. HATERS

    1. You’re about as articulate as your guru, which is hardly surprising. Fortunately, you’re far less wordy than him.

      Haters? Please, elaborate – I’d really like to know what/who we are supposed to hate in your edumacated opinion? If you think I hate those who have not been blessed with the gift of rational thought, you are sadly mistaken. All I feel is pity for “ya’ll MF’s.”

    1. Shawn,
      “For what its worth”: most all firearm enthusiasts (rednek gun-nuts in libiot-speak) have taken firearms training through their fathers growing up, or through certified classes and are proficient in the use and safety when they are around firearms.
      How many times has your special “friend” Nate fired his many “guns”? I can visualize the first and only time he did with him falling on the ground in a quivering mass sobbing like a little schoolgirl after the first shot, never to shoot again.
      When/if he ever takes a gun safety/shooting class to learn how to handle his firearms safely he will be with others, learning the safe handling and care, so he will not be so scared of them, and maybe realize that others, wheather they have a concealed firearm or not, are not out to harm anyone that is not out to harm them.
      Firearm ownership comes with a responsibility and I don’t think your “friend” Nate is up to the task, being his “friend” you should convince him to turn in his guns at the next “buy-back” and donate the proceeds to his favorite charity.
      Shawn, how did your “friend” Nate acquire his guns? He surely wouldn’t have gone into a gun shop with ALL those (gasp!) GUNS in there, he would have peed his panties if he would’ve gone to a Gun Show, with all those GUNS! laying around. After your “friend” Nate disposes of his guns, have him check into the nearest mental institution for evaluation, I believe he must have driven himself batty, with his many (gasp!) GUNS around.
      REAL libiot “friends” don’t let their libiot “friends” acquire (gasp!) GUNS!

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