Sebastian over at “Shall Not Be Infringed” posted a brilliant piece of analysis today.

It’s not the guns, he says.

It’s us.

People who eschew civil rights don’t hate the guns, they hate those of us who espouse freedom.

When it was just a bunch of old white guys, they figured we’d just die off and that would be the end of this evil gun culture.

The problem is all of the women and young people interested in guns in recent years — and magnified many fold more so in recent weeks.  And the leftists who eschew personal liberty and freedom know we aren’t going down without a fight.

And they hate that fact, just as they hate us.

Here’s the pièce de résistance from Sebastian:

I think this is absolutely correct, and everything we’ve been seeing in the media and from the gun control organizations seems to back that up. It fits with the article I did earlier on the cultural changes the coastal elites are seeing being the root cause of this latest backlash. We’ve been too successful for our own good. As long as gun ownership were confined to old, fat white guys (OFWGs), they were content to tolerate it. The changing face of gun ownership worries them, not because of a fear of guns, but for fear and loathing of the people who enjoy them, who increasingly are looking like them. If something isn’t done soon, they may have to take the opinions of gun owners seriously. Gun control is a movement of old white people, but they aren’t going to go down without a fight.


8 thoughts on “It’s not the guns they hate… it’s *us* they hate”
  1. A question for the liberal progressives: Why is it that whenever a heinous crime is committed by a mentally deficient nutjob with a firearm you liberals want to disarm the entire law-abiding citizenry who did nothing wrong? Criminals and crazies don’t care about gun-control laws. We already have in excess of 2000 gun-control laws on the books and that doesn’t stop gun crimes. We need to re-open the state mental hospitals and put the wackos back inside where they belong, not on the street.

    1. did you know that the shooter was a card carrying left wing liberal member of the donkey party? hmm no, the media doesnt mention that almost all of them are

  2. Hey, I get it – I have no use for OFWGs who play golf… Whoops – that includes our dear Leader, doesn’t it!

  3. Guns mean independence, and the gun controllers hate that, too. Anybody self reliant enough to be a member of the gun culture is independent enough not to drink the statist Kool-Aid.

  4. Bingo.

    I am a young black male, 31-years-old, college educated and married with one child. I am a member of the NRA since buying my first handgun in 2004. Since then I had let it lapse but continued involvement in shooting sports and now own many firearms including scary black and combloc rifles.

    After the push for gun control started again a few tears ago I renewed membership and even joined and gave money to SAFI am a member of two local ranges and take new shooters all the time. Believe it or not, the misinformation on guns and gun rights in the black community is high.

    But because I did not fit the gang-banger stereotype black people put on black gun owners, they were interested in knowing why and how I got into guns. When the they actually go to the range try admit they wanted a weapon because a personal experience (they have been robbed, increase in local crimes, reduced response by police etc.)

    These people are often African-American professionals (doctors, business owners, lawyers, engineers, etc ) but they are in the 40-60year old black demographic that blindly supported democratic/liberal ideas even if they did not truly believe in them.

    Once they are in a comfortable environment with people the trust (I know many of the personally) they enjoy shooting and learning about gun safety and rights and before you know it they purchase a gun or 2 for them and a spouse, and join the range as well. Our local range has grown from less than a dozen African-American members to over 70 in one year alone (total membership of about 500). That is amazing and proves gun rights are supported across parties and races.

    Most interesting is the young urban shooters club that has grown into a networking group for younger gun owners who often are business professionals themselves.

    Support your local gun store and gun range and remember to be accepting of new shooters the demographics of this country are changing and our sport shooting community is becoming more diverse.

    Maybe we will see that in the next 10 years the leader of the NRA may be an man or woman of color and/or of youth. God bless America and if you have not…

  5. Of course it is us; our ideology and the values we hold dear that they hate and fear. On another level guns are the traditional tools for men being the hunters, providers, and protectors. Stripping many men of their guns is a symbolic emasculation or castration of males. Today’s mass media is very much dominated or merged with radical feminist ideology ie misandry ‘the hatred of males’. Modern radical feminism is essentially a modern religion. They very much want men stripped of their guns.

  6. I remember a scene from “The West Wing” on TV, when a Republican lady was given a position in the White House to “balance” the liberal Democratic views (like that would happen in real life). One statement she made struck me as profound, and very true. She said, “It’s not guns you hate, you hate people who like guns.”

    Sebastian is spot on in his analysis.

    Gary L. Griffiths
    Advanced Force Tactics, Inc.

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