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Why are gun rights winning, in part? Aside from the freedom and liberty, irrationality from gun haters

(Forbes) – … [Anti-gun blather snipped]

…Forbes Insights and Appinions looked at the data for the week prior to the Sandy Hook tragedy and trended the data over the subsequent 5 weeks to determine the ebb and flow over the gun control debate.  We found that the NRA and the pro-gun rights voices are winning the influence battle and will continue to be strong and more influential if the pro gun control voice remains fragmented. On the flip side, the pro gun control voice could certainly gain influence if they establish a more united voice.  Here are some other interesting observations from the data:

It must have hurt them to write that.

Why are we winning?

Well, aside from freedom and liberty, we’ve got irrationality on the part of those opposed to gun rights.

In Florence, AZ, a student was suspended for three days for a photo of a rifle on his school-issued computer, an example of zero tolerance for common sense.


FLORENCE, AZ (ABC15) –  A high school student in Florence said he has been suspended because of a picture of a gun.

Daniel McClaine Jr., a freshman at Poston Butte High School, said he saved the picture as his desktop background on his school-issued computer.

A teacher noticed it and turned him in.


If you would like to contact the bed-wetters in that school’s administration to let them know what you think about their ineptitude and appalling decision-making, here’s their contact information.

Poston Butte High School
32375 N Gantzel Rd
San Tan Valley, AZ 85143
(480) 474-6100


One thought on “Mainstream Media: Gun owners are winning the cultural war.”
  1. The gun-grabbers are full of bad-breath voices shrieking in hysteria, extremism, and irrationality. I’d like to see more new gun owners and even long-term gun owners go from recognizing guns as being tools that go beyond self-defense, hunting, and target shooting to recognizing the historical reality that guns are tools of liberty and freedom to hold back government’s tendency to increase its oppression over its own citizens.

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